5 Bizarre Ways Video Games Are Screwing Up Your Health

Cracked says "Researchers are now finding so many negative links between gaming and your physical and mental health - from self-esteem to dementia, anger to bladder control – that they're stopping just shy of outright blaming Halo for erectile dysfunction and Tomb Raider for the sudden surge in autism. Here are some of the many bizarre (but possibly bullshit,) ways that modern science thinks video games are screwing you over."

Slinger4205645d ago

This was a good read with great picks, lol. I especially like the addiciton pic, lol.


Battlefield 2042 "Letter of Commendation" Given to Players Who Complete Season 7 Battle Pass

DICE has sent out a Battlefield 2042 "Letter of Commendation" to players who complete the Season 7 Battle Pass, which is the game's last one.


The First Descendant: Over 4,000 Cheaters and Store Exploiters Perma-Banned in Seven Days

The First Descendant hits 10M players in just seven days, as Nexon has banned over 4,000 users for cheating & exploiting the in-game store.


Report: BioShock 4 Screenshot Surfaces, Giving Us Look Early Look at UI, Shotgun, and More

What appears to be the first BioShock 4 screenshot has been unearthed, and it gives a look at some of the abilities, UI and more.

jznrpg3h ago

If it’s like the first game I could be interested. I didn’t like Infinite

Tacoboto1h ago

Did you play through 2?

I dismissed it when it came out, as this quick cash-grab from a greedy publisher, but got the trilogy collection on disc earlier this year on Xbox. Finally played it, and Minerva's Den - it was a really great experience. Years and years late to the party but it was really solid and holds up.

A couple crashes, and weird texture loads in Minerva's Den, but the joy I had in it makes me want to revisit Infinite too.

LG_Fox_Brazil45m ago

As a slave, I obey and shall purchase this one as soon as it hits store shelves