Hackers release PS3 Playstation Store Game Game Rip - Claim PS3 is Very Buggy

The well known hacking group "PDX" has released the first ever Playstation store game rip to the web, the name of the game is Gripshift. The readme file states it is playable on the PS3 by using "ps3.proxyserver." In another readme file the same group also stated that the PS3 is MORE buggy than the Xbox 360...

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timmyp534255d ago

stop killing the industry.

bung tickler4255d ago

maybe if sony took a little more time focusing on their GAME system instead of trying to push blu-ray they could have worked out the bugs/loopholes properly before the system shipped. i mean they had a year longer than their biggest next-gen competition.

timmyp534255d ago

put a sock in it. Man you dont get paid by MS do u? stop complaining about a system you probaly don't have. The PS3 is a Game System* ..get use to it ...its here to stay.

highps34255d ago

Last I checked you can play back ups on the 360 which NO ONE has done on the Ps3...

I will try to see if this works which I doubt, and even if they did it will be patched because the store was actually just down for maintenence. So if it was working it most likely is not anymore..