Wii NTSC to PAL ISO Patcher released - BUT BE CAREFUL! *UPDATE*

Hacking group SYNDiCATE has just released an awesome new tool which patches NTSC game images and allows them to be playable on Wii units. The patcher now offers the same functions as offer by the Wiikey but will support any modified Wii unit. The patcher reportedly works on 70 percent of game images and EVEN works with Japanese NTSC games. The tool modifies a section of the game image that contains region information, interestingly the talked about section is UNENCRYPTED! Download and discuss this release here. *WARNING* - Several forum members have ALREADY reported that this release is in actual fact crippling their mods, so use it with EXTREME CAUTION. We will not be held responsible for any potential damage caused. A new GUI version has been which you can also grab from the forums link.

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