Digimask Technology Interview

Aside from letting you do video chat, the upcoming Xbox Live Vision camera for Xbox 360 will finally let gamers put their faces on game characters. This opens a whole new world of possibilities when it comes to multiplayer gaming, as now you'll be able to recognize your friends in a game simply because you'll be actually seeing them on screen.

There are already many games that will make use of this facial mapping feature, including and Rainbow Six Vegas, WSOP: Tournament of Champions, and we are just waiting for others to confirm face mapping.

Recently, TeamXbox had the chance to interview Gary Bracey, the founder and CEO of Digimask, the company that has developed this revolutionary technology. They asked all the questions that you have in mind…

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OutLaw5817d ago

I have read about this before. But to see someone doing it is sick. I have to get one of those cameras now. The next fight night will be pretty if they put this technology in it.

Also those of you who thought about using your private parts are out of luck. Unless you use Mister Potato Head items on you. They say it must recognize facial features. Just joking.

Marriot VP5817d ago

I can't wait for this camera. Seriously I can't wait and think I'm gonna implode if I don't get one.

BlackCountryBob5817d ago

There are some great applications for the face mapping, not only putting your face on your character but also how about being able to watch other people play over live on games such as fight night or madden with your face appearing on a member in the audience along with everyone else who is watching! I would also love to see a poker game with your face and those of your oppenents on the characters and you could bet your gamer points!!!

96impala5817d ago

Can you imagine some of the images people will be putting ingames. This is going to be interesting.

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The story is too old to be commented.