'PS3 effect' will drive European HD take-up

The launch of Sony's PlayStation 3 next month is expected to have a huge impact on the world of high-definition (HD) TV, and research firm Understanding & Solutions predicts that there will be 115 million HD-ready homes in Western Europe by 2010.

"In Western Europe, we forecast the total installed base of Blu-ray players and recorders, including PS3 and PC Drives, to have grown to over...

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DJ4341d ago

We already saw what Playstation 3 did to the Blu-ray market; growth of the HDTV market goes hand-in-hand with the popularity of both this console and the 360.

TheMART4341d ago

Agree with you on that one.

I would even take that one step further. MS introduces IPTV on the 360 at the end of 2007 in Europe also.

TV signal suppliers will offer the 360 to their new IPTV users by then, which will bring it in the hous as a decoder/video recording device, even if those people aren't gamers. But they will start to discover (online) gaming with it, spend points on marketplace and buy games. This can potentially become huge for the XBOX 360 sales besides their target group of gamers


maybe but not in europe. 360 has not really taken off here everyone is waiting for the PS3.

TheMART4341d ago

Links please!

UK: love soccer. 360 has the soccer games, PS3 hasn't.
World wide the 360 sold about 11 million units. USA/North America got about what, 6 million of them? So 5 million is sold in Europe/Australia for the biggest part. It sold very well

Shall we wait untill the 23th of March? Europeans are not that different from Americans. And there they don't sell as expected. In their own backyard Japan they don't sell as expected. So why would it be different here? Only Sony fanboys having a wet dream over that

Bathyj4341d ago

Well Der....

Its like I always say, If you have a HDTV you're gonna want some HD content to watch on it. X360 looks awesome on my TV and I cant wait for PS3 and BR movies.

The reverse is also true too. If you Have an X360, PS3 or HDDVD/BR player its only a matter of time before you upgrade your TV. Actually you wouldn't have standalone players if you didn't have the TV first but the consoles are certainly driving the demand.

Bowie fan4341d ago

I think Sony's decision to gimp the European model will do a lot to dampen the so-called 'PS3 effect' at launch. Not so much because backwards compatibililty is a must have for all and sundry, but more because we Europeans are being treated to a lot less bang-for-buck than the rest of the planet.

It seems to me that Sony can never get it right, whatever they do!

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The story is too old to be commented.