Sony: Test PS3 For $12 Hourly

The position is officially called "game check staff" and Sony says "...this position entails checking the functionality of software for the PlayStation 3, PlayStation 2, and PlayStation Portable, compiling reports, and evaluating [the games'] content."

bloop6195d ago

AAARRRGGGHHHH, its in Japanese. I wanted to sign up :0(

PS360PCROCKS6195d ago

Yeah but remember to read the small print "All "ps3's" will actually be functional Xbox 360's and all controllers will be the like, and uh this is uh to show uh what bad games are before uh we show you our uh videos, uh yea that's it, have a nice day"

Asuka6195d ago

we don't need your spam here, and as far as i'm concern your comments/opinions mean nothing.

On topic:
too bad its only in japan. i really would love to test drive a PS3.

Lucidmantra6195d ago

as if they would let americans do this. Come on.

/sarcasm off

TOM6195d ago

for eight to twelve dollars an hour you would have to live with mommy to servive. No sending money home on this job:)

Marriot VP6195d ago

i hate stupid little gimics like this. It's not like your gonna be picked. It's just to make people excited about a certain product. Like sweepstakes.

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