The PS3 Is A Sexy Chick Magnet

PSX Extreme Writes: You may laugh. You may scoff. You may consider this a lame attempt by a Sony fansite (and the second the word "fansite" escapes your lips, we beat you to a bloody pulp with a crowbar) to promote the PlayStation 3. You might think it's a weird little opinion piece designed to be charmingly unique and appealing...well, perhaps the latter is true.

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duplissi5172d ago

lol at that article

although it does have some valid points

rCrysis5172d ago

such as black goes with everything

shingo5172d ago (Edited 5172d ago )

It gotz LittleBigPlanet. (o^_^o)

Only sackboy cute, adorable look makes girls melt into nothingness.

5172d ago
MisterNiwa5172d ago

Hey~ Pretty Lady... u know, i got a PS3 at home~ How is it?


Sitdown5172d ago

black does not go with everything.

FarEastOrient5172d ago

Yes and the PS2 vibrator works with the PS3 with no problem!

Was this ever released in the States?

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Maddens Raiders5172d ago (Edited 5172d ago )

" Robochic
Tuesday, January 27, 2009 @ 10:37:53 PM
LOL oh man this is the best article todate. I'm a girl and i have to admit it's defently a chick magnet. I love it and it matches our sexy 37inch lcd lg tv :) good article ben oh and its true about the controller it's very much smaller for my girly hands. "

the wii is for timid nerdy chicks, not cool gamer chicks :P

InMyOpinion5172d ago

Do you believe anything you read? It's not hard to be a girl on the Internet. Just look at Juuken/Ultimolu, he has everyone on N4G fooled into believing he's a girl.

silvacrest5172d ago

do you have proof that shes a dude or not?

im looking forward to your answer :)

InMyOpinion5172d ago (Edited 5172d ago )

Well, "Juuken" or "Juu-Ken", as it's pronounced, is actually Japanese for "manbreasts" or "manboobs".

"Ultimolu" is Inuit(Eskimo language) for "He-She", or the more commonly used "She-male". The word Ultimolu can also be traced back to the native american language of Navajo, where it means "2-girls-1-cup", but I'm pretty sure the Inuit interpretation is closer to the subject at hand.

To say Juuken/Ultimolu is only man would therefore be incorrect, as "it" is a he-she...with manbreasts.

Enate5172d ago

You know typically I would say the same thing but honestly I've got about 8 sexy ladies on my psn that say otherwise. They love LBP :)

TheBand1t5172d ago

Not to mention standard internet law dictates that there are no women on the internet, ever.

MisterNiwa5172d ago

Go reveal those Manbreasts!

Bubbles from me! :D

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Omegasyde5172d ago

Besides that, the Wii has the PS3 beat. Wii play + Boom blox, TKO.

skatezero2465172d ago

lol oh man this article is priceless

Dimitri5172d ago

Some of you probably play PS3 at night instead of doing it with your girlfriend or wife in bed ;)

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