New Final Fantasy Headed to 360

Kombo Reports: "Remember that countdown Square-Enix had running for the past week? If you do, you'll be happy to know this has nothing to do with it. Instead, it appears that Microsoft may be getting a new Final Fantasy title.....for Xbox Live Arcade. "

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Blademask4620d ago

I wonder if theres just a queue of "GAMES TO BUY" with Tekken, FF13, and DMC struck out? Good news guys! I'd say better news would be new games from MS studios that aren't related to the Playstation Brand but, eh. what do I know.

Danja4620d ago

FF6 remake..? that would be awesome...I would buy it in a heart beat..

but expect something similar to what they put out for the Touch recently....

Aclay4620d ago (Edited 4620d ago )

If this "new" 360 FF game is essentially going to be a remake or port of FFIV for Xbox Live Arcade, I think I would definantly take Versus XIII over this anyday.

For all we know this could be just yet another SquareEnix timed exclusive deal. Since Microsoft couldn't get Versus XIII (Thank You Tetsuya Nomura), I guess they had to to get SOMETHING else regarding Final Fantasy exclusive or timed exclusive for the 360.

Darkiewonder4620d ago

The After is a Mobile game.

Lifendz4620d ago

and impressive. If true, good for 360 fans. Sony is trying to be what MS was by providing FPS' and MS is trying to be Sony by getting JRPs. I was hoping for a FFIII or VII remake on PSN but I guess something along those lines will be on 360 first.

Proxy4620d ago

IV = 4.

IV does not equal 6.

jackdoe4620d ago (Edited 4620d ago )

Um..... Nowhere does it say that it is a 360 exclusive (nor is there anything suggesting this).... And nowhere does it even say that it is FFIV The After. Seriously, this is probably one of the worst rumors to come out. With little to no evidence to suggest anything (wow, it has an additional details segment, that must sure mean something! rolls eyes). So, to the people jumping to conclusions (looking at you diehard fanboys!), don't.

FarEastOrient4620d ago

See money under the table talks.

VegaShinra4620d ago

The URL says "F/FinalFantasy4/PageDeta ils". It you add in Final Fantasy 5 you don't get the details section. It's a rumor and it's clearly going to be The After because Square-Enix wouldn't put up FFIV on XBLA when they can milk the DS remake for higher profits.

Helghast Slayer4620d ago

Microsoft really knows how to persuade the masses huh? Oh well, enjoy it 360 owners. I'll gladly enjoy Fat Princess and The Punisher on PSN :)

El_Colombiano4620d ago (Edited 4620d ago )

Proxy....that was cooooolllddd hahaha. Ownage!

@ Below,

So what you are saying is that you would fire up that 360, try to download it, then it burns your house down?

Bonsai12144620d ago

this will make me sound like a fanboy, but if they remade ffvi and had it exclusively for 360, i would burn something down.

4620d ago
Danja4620d ago (Edited 4620d ago )

I know that...IV = 4 in Roman Numerals....

I just said FF6 cuz that's what I really wanted to's the best and most underrated FF game ever...

@Lifendz - Sony owns the publishing rights to FF7...

AAACE54620d ago

I was hoping the 360 would get a port of FFX!

Well... I guess somethings better than nothing.

SaiyanFury4619d ago (Edited 4619d ago )

I can't really say I'm surprised, IF this is even true.

La Chance4619d ago (Edited 4619d ago )

what an idiot you are.

The xbox had a 25 million install base.

The 360 now has 28 milllion t times faster than the xbox.

That means they need new customers.

And where do you think those customers are ? Well old PS gamers.

MSFT are simply good business men.They knew and know if they want to expand the xbox brand they neeed to go beyond the original xbox audience.And 90% of last gens gamers were PS2 gamers.

Youre just an idiotic fanboy with no business sense whatsoever.

Thank goodness you dont work for MSFT nor Sony....the would have gone bankrupt a longtime ago with an idiot like you running their business.

And by the way , FF was first related to the Super Nintendo and NOT T
the Playstation.Funny how now its a PS brand that shouldnt be touched...

Get over it Final Fnatasy is now a multiplat franchize.

And dont tell me youre one of those naive sony fanboys who expect FF Versus to stay exclusive.Stop dreaming.....otherwise you might be in for another "shocking announcement"....

Willio4619d ago

Well to be fair, everything thought FF13 was going to be PS3 exclusive. I'm sure even you did. Not saying your predictions are wrong but Square-enix isnt really multi-platform. If they were, Sony would recieve simultaneous RPGs releases. Hint Hint... Star Ocean 4.

vhero4619d ago

probably gonna be a downloadable game for all 3 systems if anything as it seems thats where S-E is headed and would make more sense..

RussDeBuss4619d ago

It might be just me, but wouldn't it be better if they put all their effort and resources into releasing 13, rather than constantly rehashing old titles?

SCThor4619d ago

Just see how many RPG's SE sold last year.

Anyway, is a mobile game port, maybe is cheap for SE just to port this kind of games.

duarteq4619d ago

"MS really did a good job BUYING Good Playstation Brand associated titles for the 360 audience."

Roger Out

skimming4619d ago

Please, how rich do you think MS is? Sure they arranged a deal with R* for GTA but that's more of a loan than payoff.

Why is it that SonyBoys think MS has to keep paying off devs to get games on Xbox? Do you think perhaps that MS is not paying them off but there's actually money to be made in developing for Xbox?

Geez... do you think maybe devs like to sell their games rather than get handouts from MS?

cherrypie4619d ago

"MS really did a good job securing Good Playstation Brand associated titles for the 360 audience."

Actually Final Fantasy has been on **EVERY** console and brand of console since its launch.

Final Fantasy is only a "PS associated title or brand" for children who dont know about the game industry before the PS2.

Go and read here:

SOLDADO2064619d ago

Haters, you act like its a bad thing that ms pays for games ,no sweat off my back its not coming out my pocket or yours.Im glad 360 will have more games to choose from.DONT HATE PARTICAPATE!

phosphor1124619d ago

That's also on 4 other platforms?
Gameboy Color
Nintendo DS...

Hurr durr, those idiots saying its a smart move or w/e "money under the table" you are dumb. It's called "Adding to our collection of available games" GUHH! If it was an ACTUAL EXCLUSIVE, then you can hurr durr all you want and it wouldn't make me rage.

thegood334619d ago

Why does everyone blame microsoft for buying up all the titles. Actually, the developers WANT thier games to come out for the 360 because 360 owners buy a ton of games.

What's the big deal. If you release them on both systems more people get to play them, and the developers make more coin.

Tempist4619d ago

Key words 'may be'

Not IS.

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tatotiburon4620d ago

oh man...i wish the old FF titles from snes were released to Live Arcade. FFIV amazing, the DS version is crazy

HemiHalo4619d ago (Edited 4619d ago )

lol I've gained two ignores from that comment... apparently that was too harsh

sorry wrong reply, supposed to be one down

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rCrysis4620d ago

awesome. I used to play FFIV all the time. So whatever this is, I'm probably gonna enjoy =D

ActionBastard4620d ago (Edited 4620d ago )

I think this will be on PSN too. That or MS paid for exclusivity. In Japan.

@ joeyda
LOL. I just wonder if Square is potentially testing the waters. See how well an FF game does (ANY FF game). Square 360 exclusives aren't uncommon. If there's not some sort of exclusivity agreement, then I expect a PSN version.

joeyda4620d ago

Money well spent by MS. Wonder how many units 13 will move in Japan...