Sony launches slimmest ever TV

SONY will today launch the world's thinnest telly - slimmer even than a slice of toast. The £3,000 TV, the latest in the Japanese firm's Bravia range, is just 9.9mm thick. That is 60 TIMES slimmer than a typical set from the 1950s. It is so thin because tiny LED lights usually illuminating the flat screen from behind have been placed round the sides.

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Real gamer 4 life3915d ago

Sony leading the way to innovation.

Carbide73915d ago (Edited 3915d ago )

On the box:
Object is sharp.
Handle carefully, risk of TV-cuts"

dragunrising3915d ago

Just day these TV's will be affordable :-) Hopefully sooner than later.


that tv gives me a hard on.

coolfool3915d ago (Edited 3915d ago )

I want specs!

the dimensions of a tv don't sit in this list.



3914d ago
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Sibs3915d ago

Heh, get it any smaller and I might walk into it accidentally from the wrong side and slice myself in half... they gotta stop sharpening the sides!

dukadork23915d ago

i think the toast is a japanese taunt for the 360, lol
i like the contrast between the 2

poindat3915d ago

Thanks for using The Sun as the source. Made me have to look around for other sources to make sure this was legit.


Well anyways, I guess its nice to have it that thin, but it looks extremely fragile. I wouldn't trust myself with one.

Shmapanese3915d ago

you buy the longest and best warranty out there for it. :)

PotNoodle3915d ago (Edited 3915d ago )

Actually, its bendy - sony, to show it off had a picture of beyonce on the screen and they said "How thin can we make beyonce?" and they bent it inwards.

So it isn't half as fragile as it looks.

PotNoodle3915d ago

Let me correct myself:

The tv as whole, with its frame etc isn't bendy but the screen is - so we know that is durable.

40cal3915d ago

You know I want one now. Anyone got specs?

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The story is too old to be commented.