Oasis: "Playing a guitar is not a f***ing videogame"

Oasis lead guitarist and songwriter Noel Gallagher has his knickers all up in a bunch about Guitar Hero, scoffing at the idea of the game and exclaiming that "playing a guitar is not a f**king videogame."

"Don't look back in anger." Yeah, right. Oasis lead dude Noel Gallagher, who, ironically enough, penned that song which was featured prominently in Rock Band, has looked back at what he sees in the music gaming landscape, and well, he's kinda angry. "When I meet kids I always say to them that playing a guitar is not a f**king videogame, there is no level to get to," he said. "You'll never master it and you'll never complete the game."

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Pennywise5242d ago

What a bitter Brit. He needs to just see it for what it is... an enjoyable community game. Give it a rest... just as bad as comparing himself to the Beatles. Get a life.

Maddens Raiders5242d ago

there were kids a couple of years ago dropping out of school to Play Guitar Hero "full time"

All I can say is tell it like it is's hard work...not a f'n game.

JsonHenry5242d ago

Playing a **REAL** guitar is not a video game.

Pushing buttons on a plastic controller in the shape of a guitar **IS** playing a video game.

Anon19745242d ago

*cough*gallaghersadouche*cough *

The Lazy One5242d ago

it sounds like he's just swearing because he's used to it, not because he meant any ill towards the game.

He might just be tired of kids thinking they're good at guitar because they're good at the game though. He said he liked the music game genre more than other genres though.

PS360WII5242d ago

JsonHenry that sums it up very well.

Shame some musicians get all uppity over this kind of stuff while other musicians embrace it for what it does. Heck these games helped bring a lot of these songs back into popularity.

Pennywise5242d ago

Yeah Maddens... playing guitar is not a game. But like Jason said playing guitar hero IS a game.

Best thing guitar hero/rock band will teach people is coordination and timing. It will not teach them how to finger a real guitar(lol).

johnnywit5242d ago

I love guitar and play everyday and while I'm not a fan of guitar hero I do appreciate that it gets kids into more music than they are use to listening to. My wife got rock band for when we hang out with our friends and I was shocked at how many awesome songs that were in the game. So, while it may not make them better guitar players, listening to hendrix or Zep or Stevie may light a fire under there ass to go get a guitar and play. I know it was them that did it for me and not oasis lol.

walken75242d ago

What an ass, ripping off the Beatles (poorly) doesn't make you an artist either.

Bubble Buddy5242d ago

walken: The Beatles 4ever.

And Oasis needs to calm down. I'm playing Call of Duty and I know that I'm not playing with a real MP5.

memots5242d ago

you mean playing Madden is not like playing football ?
You mean playing Nhl09 is not like playing hockey ?
You mean playing resident evil is not like well ... Running around killing zombies ?

I mean come on. get a grip .. its a game that's it.

Rock Band Fan? check out my side project :)

ChickeyCantor5242d ago

" there were kids a couple of years ago dropping out of school to Play Guitar Hero "full time""


Some people =(

LoVeRSaMa5242d ago

Gallagher is a Musical Genious, but hes also well known for being abit of a D*ck.

Please don't say "Bitter Brit" because thats enforcing that most or all Brits are bitter...

If anything I think Guitar Hero has been ntohing but a Plus for music, its gotten more people into it =]

TheDude2dot05242d ago

I'm tired of Old Wizard's obsession with these guys. They are not at all close to what the Beatles were and still are.

Oasis sucks.

KratosKilla5242d ago

Congratulations, you're best song rips off the opening of Imagine and includes lines that someone stole from Lennon's apartment. Although I do agree that kids should try guitar and other instruments for fun. If you're not the best you shouldn't give up guitar. There is no final level.

Tempist5242d ago

I think someone forgot to remind him that his songs are in Rock Band and Guitar Hero.... or did they not tell him and Oasis this?

Vip3r5242d ago

Was there any need for "brit"? It's not as if we Brits or Europeans say "yanks" when an American is commenting on something.

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PirateThom5242d ago

I agree, it's not... then again, Guitar Hero et al isn't playing guitar.

solar5242d ago

and you are not a beatle. get a hair cut hippie :D

DK_Kithuni_715242d ago

.. is a dead hippie!

Oasis doesn't make music. Nine Inch Nails! Now that is music!

solar5242d ago (Edited 5242d ago )

/hugs Maddens :D

i also find it funny Oasis has a song for Rock Band. we dont play RB or GH to learn to play guitar, but maybe it will inspire those to learn to play the real thing. stop crapping on ppl's fun please!

Maddens Raiders5242d ago

calling successful musicians "hippies" is not mature or productive. I was just pointing out the stark hypocrisy of this entire argument and condemnation of his words framed by people posting on ((forums)). I mean I think what he's saying is don't be fooled into thinking that GH is going to somehow make you a better Guitar's tough, arduous work.

solar5242d ago

im sure Noel doesnt read N4G. and im sure he has been called much worse. dont get your panties all up in a bunch Maddens. i take it you are on the Oasis Defense Force? ;)

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Jamegohanssj55242d ago

STFU and learn how to make good music.


Maddens Raiders5242d ago

compilation of albums with us?

lol @ delusional kids who have done nothing, but poke fun at others who are already successful. 8D

poopsack5242d ago

lol madden your totally a fan. :)

Maddens Raiders5242d ago (Edited 5242d ago )

indeed i am a fan...but I am a fan of ALL types of music. I don't say things like...make real music like NIN. I love NIN but what makes their art any different from Oasis', or Metallica's art or Jay-Z's art or Cannonball Adderly's art, or Pavarotti's?

This is all art is it not...?

Variable5242d ago (Edited 5242d ago )



edit: damnit that was Opus.. Fail :P