Preview of Unreal tournamant 3 from 1UP

From the preview : "In building the single-player game, the developers used a process which embodies this approach: taking favorite parts of UT and using them to mold something new. UT3 revolves around the new Warfare mode which draws on the best parts of the Assault and Onslaught modes in prior UTs. As a quick refresher, Assault appeared in the first Unreal Tournament. It served up set piece battles where one team defended a base against an assault by the other team, which needed to break in and accomplish simple goals like destroying computer stations. In later versions, the mode became more refined but the basics remained the same. Onslaught debuted in UT2K4, and quickly became the game's defining mode. Teams faced off on large maps where the goal was to destroy the reactor located within the enemy base. The catch was that to get there, you had to seize control of power nodes that linked you to the reactor core before you could damage it."

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spacetoilet4255d ago

How smoothe is it? Mouse and keys?

uuuunvnv24255d ago

you know this game is going to be the end all of shooters for a long while when it hits. Bungie better have something incredable in halo3, and not just improved graphics. UT3 is going to be crazy. UT04 is still the best FPS shooter ive played online, and you know epic's not going to mess there baby up!!!

Drew4255d ago

Too bad that 1UP sucks so much that I can't even see the article.

coolfool4255d ago

I can never red 1up articles. It always displays an error before the page completes loading.