EndSights: Fat Princess Interview


"Fat Princess is easily one of the most promising PlayStation Network titles due out in 2009. Boasting 32-player online CTF multiplayer, a charming visual style and an awesome premise (fattening up the flag), needless to say, we're pretty pumped around these parts to get our hands on the game.

We caught up with Fat Princess Producer Chris Millar to glean more details on a number of topics related to the game–from how the classes will be balanced all the way to angry feminists."

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_Q_3554d ago (Edited 3554d ago )

This is such a cool title. Looks pretty robust for a lil PSN game.

Snow3554d ago

My GOTY 09.Thats right i said it..

Baba19063554d ago

i want to play this so badly. its gonna be so much fun.

eagle213554d ago

Looks like BIG fun. :)

40cal3554d ago

Oh the comedy and senseless violence. I love it.