Some amazing Lair screenshots

Factor 5 and Sony Computer Entertainment released another thirteen screens showing the amazing graphics of the game Lair

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SimmoUK4278d ago (Edited 4278d ago )

And so it has begun we are starting to see the new shots from the latest builds and they look incredible as expected, what you didn't think these games weren't going to look even better like Motorstorm?

Over the next year you will see what is possible when things are optimized for PS3, GDC is going to be a great time for PS3 owners. Oh for anyone who's missed it Luke from 1UP has changed his tune as well he's just got to take a look at the new Ratchet and Clank "It's way better than even expected" "You know what we saw at GDC that we thought was CGI, well that ingame but running at an even better frame rate" "This is going to make people say wow" The latest 1UP podcast.

GaMr-4278d ago

The screen shot of flying over the ocean just sold me on the Its the simple things that do it for me sometimes. The closes I have ever been to a dragon game was Breathe of Fire on SNES. lol

TheGoodMART4278d ago

WOW this game is really really gorgeous, i think lair will be the game that will turn everything around for sony!

techie4278d ago (Edited 4278d ago )

I think that screenshot 10 is probably the best. It is almost breathtaking. The ocean...the dragon and the textures on that weird creature are so "real" and amazing. WOw.

Anybody think that picture 2 isn't up to the standard of the other ones...looks like an earlier build. Also I think these screens are a month old.

techie4278d ago

Question...why does it take so long for positive ps3 news to be posted? But lame negative ones of bloggers having a go at the ps3 get posted immediately?

4278d ago