Sega's Masterful Moment

Sega's mostly forgotten 8-bitter hits the big 2-0.
If you're one of 90 percent of American kids who grew up in the late '80s loving videogames, you were the proud owner of a Nintendo Entertainment System. But what about the 10 percent who didn't play with power? Though they never knew the pleasures of Super Mario, a fortunate few discovered the Master System, an NES alternative from an up-and-coming Sega. This other 8-bit wonder has just turned 20--a momentous occasion for Sega nuts and fans of grids alike.

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Chronical6195d ago

I wish i kept my Sega Master System. i had over 15 games. It was awsome. unfortunatly i sold it along with the NES to get the genesis later on. ahhh those were the days.

f3hunter6195d ago (Edited 6195d ago )

Nice find!!
Damn 20 years man..!!

NES had a good 1/2 year head start over the SMS and was the ‘In thing’ over in the states.. SMS Came too late to have an Effect on the NES..

Strange because during that time SEGA ruled the arcades with games such as Outrun & Afterburner ETC. So you would have US gamers playing their NES’s at home then going to the arcade to play SEGA arcade games…..

Baffles me why they never realised that the SMS had mostly ‘exclusive’ and decent 8-bit conversions of every single one of these arcade games they would spend their money on..WTF?? heh…

Over in Europe it seemed both started on the same foot and SMS was given lots of rightly deserved respect back from the gamers..

While the NES had some classic games like ‘Mario Bro 3’ and ‘RC rally’.. the Graphically superior SMS beat the NES in almost every single Game Genre.. IE: SMS Shooters like Powerstike I/II, Fantasyzone, Action Platformers Like: Shinobi (way better than the NES version), Moonwalker, Quartet, Zillion, Ninja Gaiden (again SMS version was much better). Action RPG’s: NES had Zelda but SMS’s Wonderboy III: in dragons trap was WAY Superior.. (probably the Best 8 bit game ever made)..

Actually SMS is still selling in Brazil (a few years back it was selling like hot cakes, im talking in Y2k… and even had a Version of Street fighter II which was released by ‘Capcom’ in 1997..… !!! crazyness!!!

Heres a screen shot:

PS360PCROCKS6195d ago

poor brazil if their buying that 15 years later lol

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