Gundam Musou for PS3 impresses in Japan

Gundam Musou for the PS3 has achieved some great ratings from the judges involved in the Famitsu gaming publication. From the four judges it scored a 9,8,8 and 8 respectively. Things are starting to look up for the PS3 as of late it seems.

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DJ5879d ago

A Gundam game getting high review scores?! *pinches self* sweet.

GaMr-5879d ago

"Most PS3 games will be duds"

Someone actually made that statement and Im still laughing at that one. Then I read a story like this and realize how bogus that statement really is. You cannot deny sony and people need to learn that live that and love that. END

SimmoUK5879d ago

Sony has software that appeals to a wide range of consumers always has done and always will do, it's going to be a great year. Remember Phil Harrison is in charge of the software side of things while others are hardware, so the games are in good hands...

Sevir045879d ago

Sorry it's just a Navy term we used alot while in boot camp... yeah i remeber reading this article earlier... it's about time namco and Koei get there lazy arses up and do a well needed breath of fresh air in both the already dead Dynasty warriors and soon to be Gundam franchise. it's like I say with EA Either you stop making those cash cow games like Madden and NFS or breath some new life into them because they are realy oldand stupid rehashes of old games with a new coat of Graphics... this bodes well for japan and PS3 well see how the sales go for march when the game and ps3 bundle lauches in the land of the rising sun march 1, 2007. and then maybe it might do good here in NA and Europe.

Bathyj5879d ago

Nice. Thats a good score from Famitsu.

Is it just me or are things looking up lately? Its like the positive news is starting to drown out the whining.

Drew5879d ago

We forget, these are the people who gave Crossfire almost top marks. It's Japan, people. Let's not forget.

DonSqueak5879d ago

What were the marks though on Crossfire, I can't recall right now.

BTW, anyone interested in what they actually write in their review, as that might be interesting? I happen to be in Tokyo right now, could translate it later.

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