New Call of Duty 3 info breaks cover

Electronic Gaming Monthly has spilled new details on Call of Duty 3 in a preview appearing in its July issue - details of which an forumite has dutifully waded through and plastered across the internet in a shower of CoD love, bullets and indeed bullet-points. The information in EGM's article has been broken down into three sections by the forum poster, with the likes of new tech bumping up the realism ante noted along with key gameplay and multiplayer changes/additions.

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PS360PCROCKS6188d ago

YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS SSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!! !! This is so frickin awesome, I love COD2 on the 360, it's in my box right now, I play it constantly, it's so awesome, I cannot WAIT for cod 3

Marriot VP6187d ago

This is funny for me. I had my father buy COD2 for my 360 at CHRISTmas cause I had no money at the time.

And now 1 year later this CHRISTmas he'll do the same with COD3.


Marriot VP6187d ago

okay, simply I got COD2 for christmas last year. And now I'll probably get COD3 for this year.

Just the way it works for a college student.

itchmyballs6187d ago

Wow these new features look sweet!

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