Singapore to get PS3 during Early march for $520 USD


(SCEH), today announced general availability of SONY PLAYSTATION®3, 60GB HDD (Hard Disk Drive), in Singapore from 7 March 2007, at the retail price of S$799.

One of the new services available to the PS3 is the PLAYSTATION®Store. Gamers will be able to download a variety of content such as high definition films, gaming information and free trial games from the online portal. The PLAYSTATION®Store will be launched on the same day as PS3's general availability. For more information, please visit PlayStation® Asia's Official Website at

In addition, 10 PS3 games will also be made available in Singapore on the launch date. These include the popular racing game -"Ridge Racer 7", and first-person shooting game - "Resistance". The game "Resistance" allows PS3users to play with 40 online gamers at one time.

The fun continues with a limited period free download of the hugely popular "Grand Turismo" (now in Hi-Def) from the PLAYSTATION®Store. To enjoy the full capabilities of PS3, users need only download the high definition and effect "Tekken 5 – Dark Resurrection" which will be available at a very special price.

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techie4436d ago

I kind of have to say that's crazy! I'm very surprised at that. Everything in Singapore isn't really that far behind UK prices...I mean it's pretty expensive for that part of the world. Hmm My dad lives there...maybe I should get him to get me one. NAH.

Bathyj4435d ago

Good news if you live in Singapore. I have a feeling though the internets just about to light up with the crys and whinings of alot of Americans and Europeans.

Just a hunch.

Drew4435d ago

Why the hell do they get it for $80 less than I payed? Sony just somehow manages to shaft EVERYONE, don't they? Ugh.

Bathyj4435d ago

Maybe they have a different exchange rate. Maybe the standard of living is lower and things are cheaper. Maybe they have open sewers in street so the Government Taxes them less. I dont personally have a clue, but I do know there's more to economics and to why thing costs what they do around the world other than a direct comparison. Whats the average weekly wage in the USA. Lets just say for the sake of arguement its $600. Thats not correct I know but its just an example. Now how many US dollars do you think a Singaporian makes a week? 100? Maybe 200? Even if it was $400 and thats a biiiiiig stretch. Lets say $300. So a PS3 costs a weeks wage, but in Singapore it probably 2 or 3. So whos getting the best deal there? Plus you got it 4 months earlier. Would you wait that long to save $20 a month?

Just curious, how much is a can of Coke in USA? I bet it cost more in Bagdad.

TheMART4435d ago

Doesn't matter what everybody earns where exactly. I mean it's better for the locals that are able to buy a PS3 maybe, but you really think that 80 dollars less makes the difference for buying a very expensive piece of hardware still if you earn a lot less?

PLUS: it's not about selling it according to earnings. It's the perception of people around the world about the price for the same piece of hardware they bought.

And we see clearly that Asia is having advantage and the rest of the world needs to pay up, often extra for them getting rebates. Europe get the worst deal, paying up a whopping 600 Euro's in main area's, but much more in for example Ireland, UK etc. and then getting the retarded PS3 version with no PS2 hardware on board.

It's just not good the way it goes

techie4435d ago (Edited 4435d ago )

Singapore is a very rich country....but then there are a lot of poor people there. It's a little bit strange. It's very clean and everything looks very expensive in's a little bit of a dictatorship with a smile.

They are known for good electronics and I always buy like cameras and ipods over there because it's cheaper...but not that much cheaper from the UK. It's usually about £50 different. But $520 compared to $830 is crazy. Very strange. Good for them I suppose. Oh and their tax is 5%.

hmph. Still cheaper to import for me...would have to pay 17.5% tax on top, but that's like $90.

AuburnTiger4435d ago

Don't forget all the fine prostitutes and 4 floors of whores.