Wii to Feature More M Rated Games

BeefJack writes, "The Wii is the best selling system currently and it shows no signs of slowing down. It's already common knowledge that everyone wants a Wii. Grandparents, small children, famous celebrities, everyone wants a piece of the Wii. With games like Wii sports and Mario Kart Wii, who wouldn't want one? With all these "fun for everyone" games out and about, where does it leave all of us hardcore gamers?...

Nintendo, with SEGA, has decided to release a few more M (Mature) rated games and give the hardcore gamers what they want, blood guts, gore, and some humor on the side..."

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Spike473551d ago

Why? It is so obvious it is hard to explain or too much to explain,lol.

Either way, it is good that Nintendo is at least making an attempt to support their hardcore gamers.

Vizion263551d ago

I respecfully disagree. I think the Wii already has a better library than the PS3/360 simply because I am more into puzzle games and games that push innovation through the use of the Wii remote such as games like Zack and Wiki, Elebits, Wario Ware, and Metroid Prime 3.

The Great Melon3551d ago

While #1 mentions some good games, it is fairly saddening that I own every title I would want on the Wii. Unlike the Wii there are plenty of games that I still would buy on the ps3 right now if it wouldn't make me broke. This is coming from a guy who likes practically everything but sports games. Regardless of each systems' libraries I am looking forward to Mad World. Thankfully SEGA is willing to try venturing out a little. On a side note I hope Deadly Creatures turns out good too.

ChickeyCantor3551d ago

If it gets a solid library just like the PS2 did, i'm happy with that.
Since loads of PS2 games are still awesome.

Voiceofreason3550d ago

Because you are a die hard Sony fan that feels Postman Pat, Power Rangers, Blues clues, Rugrats, and other childrens games are hardcore and AA must own... Wii will never be good enough for Sony fans. Doesnt mean anything though. It will still outsell the PS3 in every way that matters. PS3 will also never have a library on the same level as PS2.

ChickeyCantor3550d ago

If you are talking to me, get a grip.
I was basically saying im not worried about the Wii library.

VoR get real seriously you act like a child.

AWBrawler3550d ago

pretty sure Voice was talking to Melon. He usually agrees with you a possibly sees you as being on the same "team".

ChickeyCantor3550d ago

in that case, i take half of it back.
But come on he can also say stuff without the fanboy attacks you know.

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TheHater3551d ago

didn't Nintendo stated that they will have Hardcore games for the hardcore gamers at last year E3? Were are those games Nintendo?

Voiceofreason3550d ago

You mean Shaun White, Call of Duty,Wario, GTA, etc? Uhm.. They are out now or otw out this year...BTW Nintendo never promises "HARDCORE" titles. They talk about core games. Games that their core consumers would buy.

buy a ps33551d ago

they have one M rated game coming and 95% of of wii owners are mom or children under 7.

Mahr3551d ago

"they have one M rated game coming"

So, I, uh, take it it you didn't actually read the article.

jorgeanaya0003550d ago

Do made up percentages make you feel smart?

Neutral90003551d ago

The Wii is swell. I have no strong feelings for or against Mature rated Wii games. They have sold over 9000 Wii consoles.

LeonSKennedy4Life3551d ago

To be honest with you, the most fun I've had this generation (until LittleBigPlanet and Buzz came into my life) was WarioWare: Smooth Moves. That game is so addicting!

I still prefer LBP and Buzz though.

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The story is too old to be commented.