Suspect Shoots 9 People, Kills 2, Leaves Roommate His PS3

This past Saturday night, suspect Erik Salvador Ayala fired shots into a random crowd in Portland, Oregon. After killing two and injuring seven, Ayala shot himself in the head. The gaming connection?

Ayala is described as being "quiet" and those who knew him say this shooting comes as a complete surprise. This shooting is the worst shooting in Portland's history.

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Pandemic5169d ago (Edited 5169d ago )

If I was in the Kells Irish Restaurant and Pub and heard gunshots and also saw the manager go down..... I would go grab a broom stick and start hitting the gunman until he falls to his knees! (That's if he was still standing before he put the gun to his head)

LoVeRSaMa5169d ago



Its likely Crazy people play Computer games also, but are kotaku meant to be a fan of gaming?

would they go so far as to report this in bad light just to highlight the fact that it was a PS3 in the guys room?

GrieverSoul5169d ago (Edited 5169d ago )

Whatever the guys problem, it doenst justify is actions!

If he didnt want to live he should have killed himself (like he did) but didnt have to hurt anybody! Im sorry but this guys is a DUMBASS! If he suicided I would be more comprehensinve towards him but taking others lives just gets me pissed! Dont get me started on suicide tendencies related to video games just because he left is PS3 to his room mate! What happened to the X360 and the PC? He played left for Dead right? Why isnt the title, PS3, X360 and a PC involved in homicide/suicide act?
Unless his Left for Dead version is that exclusive that came out in fictional threads 2 weeeks ago for the PS3!

EDIT: Maybe it was the PC version of Left for Dead!

Maddens Raiders5168d ago (Edited 5168d ago )

I can't believe you brought millions of black people voting in to this equation you close-minded, condescending, racist phuck. What about millions of white people that voted and hispanics and asians retard? I'm tired of you spreading your disgusting FUD on this site.

OBAMA WON -- get over it, and stop whining; loser.

Goodbye -you're perma-banned on my PSN....can't believe I added someone like you. >_>

On topic-

This is completely outrageous. They need to try and keep this guy alive so that he can be drawn and quartered.

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spacetoilet5169d ago (Edited 5169d ago )

Portland is so chill too. Just goes to show, our gun laws + nut jobs = tragedy.

I bet the loser that disagreed with me is a right wing NRA failure of a human. HAHA OBAMA won beatch!
"Uh, we need our guns, coz aaww..the constitution says we can defend...and my
M4 carbine is designed to shoot holes in paper targets..." etc

LeonSKennedy4Life5169d ago

I didn't hit disagree, but I'm with that guy. It's too late to get rid of guns. Had they never gotten out to the public in the first place, I'd be with you. However, many people do need them for protection. Unfortunately, most of the people defending that law are complete morons.

You're a liberal because you wanted to fight "the man" and bring peace to all the world, right? Well, wake up. Turn off 30 Rock and research this crap for yourself.

LeonSKennedy4Life5169d ago

...and Obama won because the media turned America against Bush.

That and millions of black people decided to vote this year for some reason. I can't quite pinpoint the reason...but I'll let you know when I do.

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Eiffel5169d ago

Love how you all steered this towards offtopic

Bubbles +

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CaptainKratos5169d ago

FAak i play Resistance. Weird suicide note.

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