SCEA COO Downplays Xbox 360 Lead

Sony Computer Entertainment America executive VP and co-COO Jack Tretton says a potential 6 to 10 million unit lead for the Xbox 360 isn't "a significant advantage or a significant disadvantage as far as we're concerned."

Tretton told, "At the end of the day, what you do in the first year, and whether you do 6 or 10 million units does not determine whether you're successful or not. We're looking to sell 100 million-plus worldwide. We're looking to sell 50 million plus in North America."

Microsoft has announced that it expects to sell 10 million Xbox 360 units by the time the PlayStation 3 hits shelves in November.

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PS360PCROCKS6311d ago (Edited 6311d ago )

Pssh this guys a jackass, and a joke all in one, yeah ok if Sony had 10 million sold before the 360, they'd be parading it around like their was no tomorrow, this guys a f'ing moron, not to mention my ass they'll sell 50 million in North America, please lmao they have sold like 35 million PS2's in what 6 1/2 years and that was when the Xbox was a "what the fuc* is an Xbox?" Now the 360 is larger and gaining more support, maybe not more than the PS3 but either console will be lucky to reach 25 Million sold in North America, Sony doesn't do anything but make "Woo I'm high as a kite" statements, and 100 Million? Ha hardly Sony, keep dreaming, maybe 50-70, nowhere near 100, consoles go out to fast nowadays, not to mention more choice than the PS2 this time around, oh and dont bash this comment, it's just an honest opinion



i just...


too funny.

Sony, what is WRONG with you?!

Silent6311d ago

i just...


understand how you make money on defects.

Aflac6311d ago

are u on crack? only about 3% of the 360's from the first launch were defective, and they've cut down the defects ever since. obviously, out of the 10million units that will b sold by the end of this yr, less than 300 thousand will have been defective.

the 360 (and original xbox) defects have been greatly overexaggerated, most were just lies, and U KNOW IT!!!

REDMOND BOYZZ6311d ago (Edited 6311d ago )

MS was smart to launch early it gives people a chance to know what the 360's about with out being over shadowed by the house hold name of Sony. 100 Million sold is BS you will not sell that many console's with the now prooven 360 and the price of the PS3 wont help either. And i doubt PS3 will have any better exclusive's now! or even ever. Sony's does worry about Microsoft despite them saying they don't, its why their making all these last minute changes/modifacations that seem to be the same feature's of it's competetors. Although they might achive this number half way through the Xbox720's life span after PS3 is $250 to $300. Again! people want 360 and are having trouble working it in their budgets i talked to EB employee two hours ago and he said and seven out of ten people seek info on 360 so he'll tell them to come in and check it out and they say never mind that just tell now! because i don't have the money to buy it right now. So how can a $600 machine sell like hot cakes, after the initial fanboy's have saved up the money they've been saving for 2 years, the PS3 sells will drop drasticlly with some pre-orders after launch. No-one will spluge at that price, then only after the price drop will it pick up again. 360 has revolutionary game play in all their top games theres no getting around that no matter what, sure it was hard for Pepsi/xbox--(new kid on the block) to compete with Coke/Sony but in the end people will know the truth. 10 vs 5 years and microsoft's got these assholes sweating MS should'nt be in the Gaming console industry WTF.

FadeToBlack6311d ago

Coke is better than Pepsi....


Pepsi was a laughing stock when they tried to jump in and compete with Coke but the result is!!!, well! you know!, lets just say Pepsi's not doing to shabby.

TMoney6311d ago

Coke has an aftertaste. Pepsi doesn't. Diet Pepsi is much better than Diet Coke, too.

Shadow Flare6311d ago

Man, gotta be pepsi max for me, its max-tacular


-tumbleweed rolls past-

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bernie6311d ago

available now at, a bargain!