Keiko Erikawa wants to sell two million copies of Gundam Musou

Bandai Namco and Koei held an event in Tokyo to mark the completion of their game combining Gundam and Dynasty Warriors. Gundam Musou is set to be released next week in Japan, and the predicted sales are extraordinarily high. In a land where Gundams and Destiny Warriors have a major following, this game should be a sure hit, and you can expect the copies to be flying off the shelf when it's released.

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eques judicii5880d ago

doesn't the system have to sell more than 2 million units before the game can? especially since it is only in japan right now (where less than 1 million units have been sold) But maybe Koei means to make it multiplatform... that would increase sales.

techie5879d ago

As if it would. Who likes Muso?

killercam195879d ago

Doesnt Gundam Wing games suck so y is everyone waitin on this one?

MoonDust5879d ago

Looked so good, too bad the game one of the worst ever.

Sevir045879d ago (Edited 5879d ago )

the massive amount of enemies on screen coupled with the satisfaction of a super powerful main character causing mass causualties on the field is so dated and old. at times i wonder why koei even brings out a new game based on this this formula, they always get 3-5 on ratings, mixing gundams and Danasty warriors isn't fun it's just rehashed. though these games are big in Japan it will most likely benifit sony, bandai-Namco , and koei because this game is bundled with ps3s over in japan and is also hotly sought after as it is the most pre order game/bundle in japan right now, and.... whats also surpising is that fact that 4 major japanese critques including famitsu magazine game it 8-9.5 in rating so maybe they did something right this time. and who knows maybe this will be the system seller for the ps3 in japan till the better titles come out.

power of Green 5879d ago

MS has trouble selling that much when it's base is 5X the size of that goal.

#3.1 People poked fun of the console saying 6th generation PS titles out did it.

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The story is too old to be commented.