uie4rhig5360d ago

give me a damn second analogue.. it's really not that much asked!! i wudn't mind paying another 30£ for a addon that gives me 2nd analogue stick, R2, L2, R3 and L3... and while you're at it, allow all games to be compatible with remote play since you will have all the buttons that is also on the ps3..


Sarcasm5360d ago (Edited 5360d ago )

"give me a damn second analogue.."

I agree with that. It would drastically change the value of the PSP IMO. FPS's, Third Person, or any shooter for that matter could be played properly.

I also wonder what the hardware is going to be as far as power is concerned. PS2 graphics? That'd be awesome.

Oh and a PSP with Sixaxis would be nice.

njr5360d ago (Edited 5360d ago )

Dual analogs is all the PSP really needed, cause that really gimped the possibilities of good shooters and games that utilized both analogs like Ape Escape did for the PS1. Especially games that NEED camera movement. With that you could even have a game like Devil may Cry PSP cause without a free camera it would be god awful.

If anything Sony should wait a while so their top of the line SKU costs at most $150 and be able to profit off of it.

Maddens Raiders5360d ago (Edited 5360d ago )

ooooh fight, fight, fight.....!

Ju5360d ago

^^ Guess that's the main reason Sony needs to do something quickly (merge phone, "walkman" and PSP). Phone could be optional like ipod/iphone (but with phone could be cheaper because of contracts etc, see iphone).

EXCLUSIVEGAMER5360d ago (Edited 5360d ago )

i agree with everyone. bubles++

id buy this on day one...

funny how this comes up, when i had mentioned it the other day. ;)

i really dont see why you would need a keyboard, with a touchscreen so big.

SONY: make it and we will buy it. Look at the ps3.....its here to stay.

Beast_Master5360d ago (Edited 5360d ago )

I just got my PSP for X-Mas was hoping to see a trophy patch that integrates with my PSN id but looks like now I will have to wait till PSP2 :(

I have already finished like 3 games on PSP if that could be seen in my overall gamer score I would be a happy gamer.

ThanatosDMC5360d ago

Oh, im not sure about an L3 and R3 button... cuz a lot of people really mess up their controllers by pressing on them too hard and while shifting it on some direction.

I messed up a lot of PS2 controllers that way... I dont want to replace an expensive handheld like that because of my own carelessness.

infamousinfolite5360d ago (Edited 5360d ago )

agree with you. Two analog sticks are really needed to get the feel for them shooter types like resistance: retribution

LoVeRSaMa5359d ago

Personalliy I believe the normal PSP is pretty cool, so if a 2nd version comes out, I dont know what to expect!

Its likely to be a first day buy for me if it has the features being mentioned by this artical and some speculation from you guys of a 2nd analoug =o

LoVeRSaMa5359d ago

They are not going to admit production of a PSP 2 (if it is currently being designed)
because it will affect Sales,

So they need to keep it on a low untill an official announcment is made..

DeadlyFire5359d ago

Does noone pay attention to Sony. They give every console a ten year life cycle including the PSP with a new one after 5 years just like the consoles. PSP released in 2005 so PSP 2 will be aiming for 2010 release.

Montrealien5359d ago

My source confirms that Gears of war 3, a new Ratchet game and a new racing game with cars that have four wheels are in the works.

Joey Greco RULES5359d ago

with the iphone/ipod, DS, and almost every other device having a touchscreen, it seems like this would be a standard feature. but if it doesn't have it, i'm sure having a second analog stick and some other refined controls will totally make up for it. thats some great "Source" you got there IGN. lol.

UltimateIdiot9115359d ago

As much as I love the sixaxis, I don't really like the idea of it on the PSP2. After playing Iphone/Ipod touch games, it just really sucks with motion especially when you have to tilt the screen to the point where you can't even see the screen to move the characters or try to perform an action.

But the second analog is much needed.

ia_studio5359d ago


San anto5359d ago

btw its "Kthxbai" for future reference.

therealking795359d ago

i dont know if its been said be4, but i would like to see it made to look like the ps controller, just modified to feel right when holding it and also adjust the analogs so that they would feel natural or something. you guys understand where im coming from? just my opinion.

f7897905359d ago

I would buy a PSP2 if that was all it had.

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mirroredderorrim5360d ago (Edited 5360d ago )

Perhaps analog sticks, with the rest being touch?

The DS has proved that you don't need analog sticks to create smashing success.
While this is true for the DS, it may not be true for the "PSP 2" but I remain optimistic pertaining to the PSP 2.

barakiu5360d ago (Edited 5360d ago )

untill it's cheap enough to make a portable that's power is between the PS2 and PS3.

that's mean i could run PS2, PS1, Dreamcast, Xbox1, Gamecube, DS, ect. games.

touchscreen is nice, so is built in rumble, a PSP2 to tv hook up out of the box, compatibility with PS2/PS3 controllers for mulitplayer and single player, usb/keyboard support, built in phone, intergrated/expandable harddrive, and finally
"2nd analogue stick, R2, L2, R3 and L3"

^with all those features they'd have to wait a few years to afford to price the system at 200$. It's be like a full fledged laptop.

Theoneneo815360d ago

just coming out i really dont see this psp2 coming out any time soon if it does i think its late 2010 posibly 2011 holiday season the orignall psp is still selling very well heck it almost outsold the 360 last month

BrunoM5360d ago

Its going to take some time to come out .. but hey we never know right maibe at E3 we are going to see something and then maibe by the end of 2010 we get to see the psp2 il buy it day one just like i did with the psp

BrunoM5360d ago

humm i dont know if im the only one but i love the look of that psp in the picture lol... come on use that for the psp blue print .. lol