Downloadable content to miss Oblivion PS3 release

The PlayStation 3 version of The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion will not have downloadable content available when it is released, even though the Xbox 360 and PC versions did.

MikeGdaGod6059d ago

isn't this the same thing the devs said would come out later? i thought they said they were adding some things and the downloadable content would come later. also, they said adding some content at this time wouldn't make sense because it was too early in the game. something like that.

techie6059d ago

Yup. This isn't news. I've seen many an interview saying it wouldn't be right to bring it out so soon, because there's already more on the disc than the previous two. But in no way do I doubt that at the moment it's harder to get to grips with ps3 online.

Andronix6059d ago

Representatives from Bethesda have repeatedly said that these downloads are best suited to players who have established their Oblivion characters ie: high experience, over half way through game completion. To put them in too early is to unbalance the game.

Knights of the Nine which is deemed by them to be part of the main story is included in the main release.

Once the game has been out on the PS3 for a while they will release them.

XboxDavey6059d ago (Edited 6059d ago )

I beleive all of you are correct..bet we cant go 15 posts with out some fanboy barkin about psn.. by the way purchased "Flow" today

techie6059d ago

Yup too true. Oh and?...I'm psyched about that little game...

Covenant6058d ago

For the time being, they'll just have to make do with the 100+ hours of fantastic gameplay native to the game.


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closed_account55d ago (Edited 55d ago )

Bethesda makes the most consistently stupid NPCs, like really bad... yet I still can't help but love playing their games. Guilty pleasure, I guess. *sigh* 😩

Flawlessmic55d ago

How did redfall not make the cut.

anast54d ago (Edited 54d ago )

Every Bethesda game and Every Halo game. This list needed to have Cyberpunk somewhere.


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LordoftheCritics125d ago

Let me re-introduce you to the scum of our industry.

Activision Blizzard
Bethesda (you started it you son of a...)

SullysCigar125d ago

Thanks, Bethesda! How fitting that you jumped into bed with the company that brought to us 'paying to play with friends', despite already paying the internet service providers. Awesome contributions, now standardised across this wonderful industry.

meanmallard125d ago

The rise of "DLC" started when Microsoft wanted to maximize profits by charging for online and allowing companies to sell crap like horse armor on the console space.

If it wasn't for Microsoft, Nintendo and Sony wouldn't be charging for online play and neither Sony nor Nintendo was putting any kind of "DLC" in their games until market pressure forced it upon them.

So thanks Microsoft from the beginning you have made console gaming worse.

blackblades124d ago

IDK I think eventually they would've done it regardless but yeah MS started a lot of crap and smeared all around.

meanmallard124d ago (Edited 124d ago )

I believe that if it wasn't for Microsoft console and PC would have had a much more divergent path like they had up to that point.

Switch is basically the first generation on Nintendo to embrace DLC, and the PS3 barely had a store early on and it was pressure from outside that forced them to have those things. And paid online didn't even start till PS4 at which point it was just about having the revenue stream that Microsoft was getting, and even then it was much more relaxed than on xbox where you even had to pay to play f2p games and PS+ gave you free games (including day 1 games), while xbox didn't offer any games at the time.

-Foxtrot124d ago

Horse Armour - "Ahh don't worry it's just silly armour, don't like it don't buy it, you've got nothing to worry about"

Loot Boxes - "Ahh don't worry, if you don't like them you don't have to buy them, you've got nothing to worry about"

Microtransactions - "Ahh don't worry it's just an optional thing, don't like it don't buy it, you've got nothing to worry about"

GaaS Games - "Ahh don't worry, clearly the game isn't for you, don't like it don't buy it, there's other games out there you've got nothing to worry about"

And everytime it gets worse the same people will say

"How did this happen, we should have done something"

oIMyersIo124d ago

Online passes too…those were an annoying few years trying to stop the second hand market.

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