PS2 games on PS3: Who cares?

Sony has revealed today that only "a limited range of PS2 titles" will be playable on PlayStation 3 when it launches in March, due to a change in the console's architecture. PS2 games on PAL machines will be played through an emulator - as with Xbox 360 and Xbox titles. This means Euro PS3 owners will be able to play fewer old games than US and Japanese gamers, where the PS3 features built-in hardware to support Sony's last-gen games.

Clearly, this could be perceived as disappointing news for UK gamers who have already waited longer than the US and Japan for the arrival of PS3. But does it really matter that much? To bring you a balanced view on this opinion-dividing development, gamesradar.com offer two perspectives from either side of the fence.

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FordGTGuy6360d ago

buying the console no one really.

FeralPhoenix6359d ago

I think this article makes great points for both sides of the debate....as for my view I would definitely fall in the "who cares" category because the only time I played a xbox game on my 360 was to see the difference (Halo 2) and I have alot of xbox games that are great, but I'm not the nostalgic type "new stuff" makes me excited and honestly I don't have enough time to play all the "new stuff" I like....I have a wife and kids, so its impossible for me find the time for my old games...sometimes I just look at them, wipe off the dust, remember something I really liked about the game, and then 3 seconds later I'm enjoying Crackdown on my 360....hmmm, but for those who can't let go, I guess they really do care about BC.

videogamenews6359d ago

I don't care. Why would I want to play PS2 games on a PS3? Just like I have no intention of ever buying an Xbox game for my 360.

Jones Miller6359d ago

Quote Matt Cundy, Associate Editor:

"Wise up, move on and embrace the new generation. Oh, and don't throw out your old consoles."

Why would you want to keep your old consoles then?

TheGoodMART6359d ago

The only time i put a ps2 game on the ps3 was when i first got the system just to see if they worked and also after the 1.5 update because I wanted to see the difference

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TGG_overlord1d 22h ago

I agree, I like SH3 the most though.

Cacabunga22m ago

Auto Modellista will always be one of my favorite racers of all time..