"PC mod scene... already in trouble"

In the wake of the recent revelation from Epic's Mark Rein that the developer is planning to bring Unreal Tournament modifications to Unreal Tournament 3 on PS3 and Xbox 360 and our feature looking at the impact of this, Red Orchestra developer Tripwire dropped us a line offering to comment on mods heading to console.

Tripwire is a developer that knows a thing or two about game modifications. It created Red Orchestra originally as a mod - or total conversion - based on Epic's Unreal Engine 2.5, and its project went on to win Epic's Make Something Unreal competition. Subsequently, RO became a commercial product, Red Orchestra: Ostfront 41-45.

Currently, it appears Epic only plans to bring existing or established UT mods to Unreal Tournament 3 on PS3 and Xbox 360. But that could be the catalyst for development of a full-on mod scene in the console world, emulating an element of PC videogaming that has previously only existed with that platform.

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Rooted_Dust4255d ago

Console gamer will probably only be able to get access to 5% of the mods that PC players can get, because they have to pass through the devs first. And how does this put the PC mod in danger. Mods will always have to be done on the PC, no one is going to me modding on a console.

highps34254d ago

lol because of 1 game? Do you know how many PC Mods there are? Seriously get real.