MSN: Most wanted upcoming games

MSN: "If you have already completed the best games that the last few months had to offer then perhaps you, like us, are now looking ahead to wealth of top titles already on their way. With some stellar games already confirmed for the first few months of 2009, you won't have too long to wait.

Below we have highlighted the upcoming titles we are itching to get our hands on.

All release dates are correct at time of publication. Microsoft owns MSN and Xbox."

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PirateThom4696d ago

"Microsoft owns MSN and Xbox." and yet they managed to get a pretty good mix of games in there from all platforms.

Hercules4696d ago

is MS high or something, more PS3 exclusives than 360 exclusives? i dreaming..cant be..but a great list indeed..i guess they had to start with GTA, lol