Reggie Takes Shots At PS3

Well, one way to toss away your kid friendly image is to make fun of people getting shot. On last night's GameHead, Geoff Keighley spoke with both Reggie Fils-Aime (Nintendo) and Phil Harrison (Sony) about their respective system launches. Reggie went all Perrin Kaplan while discussing the PS3 launch lines saying, "Were those the people ducking to not get shot?"

Fils-Aime dug into Sony deeper saying they had no line at last year's E3, the PlayStation 3 is a "very expensive device" and Sony's got some "core fundamental issues with their strategy."

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shikwan4281d ago

Yea...cause you can always catch Phil Harrison walking down the street.

Those that own the PS3 are simply NOT true consumers but hardcore, blind to Sony's BS-Sony advocates (a fancy name for fanboys).

Any smart consumer can see that for $600 or even $500, the console simply isn't worth it at this time. Even as a Blu Ray player.

The game library is lacking-there isn't a title that is worth $600. The features are lacking-why can't I stream my existing media from my PC? Why can't I listen to music while playing my games. The free online is disgusting-already there are TOP games with no headset support:CoD3, etc. And why can't I play WORLDWIDE? Americans can only play Canadians. Japanese can only play against Japanese. WTH?? And you still have to buy additional accessories (headset, HD cables, etc) after you plop down more than half a grand.

And Sony fanboys have been saying; "Wait until.." ever since E3 2005.

"Wait until Spring 2006."
"Wait until CES 2006."
"Wait until E3 2006."
"Wait until the Fall 2006."
"Wait until March 2007." (Europeans)
"Wait until the second generation of games come out."
"Wait until 2008."

Sony should stop saying 'Play B3yond' and replace it with; 'Wait Until...'

Cause that's what consumers should do; wait until they see something that's worthy of the price or wait until the price drops.

techie4281d ago

Why? What was the relevance of your little campaign? I'm glad you got it off your chest though...

THAMMER14281d ago (Edited 4281d ago )

He is not happy with Sony or the PS3's blind followers. And Yeah Silkwan I'm glad you got that off your chest too BRO.

The relevance is we are waiting for Sony to put out. It is also true that hard core gamers have been let down by the PS3. I'm one of them. But let some else tell it I would be a hater....right. LOL

People feel the following about the PS3. Great song enjoy.

Yeah I'm Black and I love all music too. But it has to be good BABY.

kamakazi4280d ago (Edited 4280d ago )

last time i checked, when you buy something anything you become a consumer, i fail to see where 360 and Wii fans are "true consumers" wouldnt it be just as valid to say the 360 fans are not "true consumers" i mean most of them are on their 2nd, 3rd , or (7th 360 as that one story earlier this week stated)and the majority are refurbs, i mean what kind of "true consumer" buys something that would constantly break down on them? hell a "true consumer" buys all three consoles, which i have done. so good day to you sir.

Funky Town_TX4279d ago

in some points. Sony's online is not the best but it is better than Nintendo. Nintendo is the one that's ripping people off. $250 for a camecube with a Wiimote.

P.S. PS3 is still expensive for a gaming machine and a movie player. I never watched a $500 or $600 movie in my life.

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TheGoodMART4281d ago

The wii cant play even dvd's and he is complaining that the ps3 has bluray that that he does not need it! Does he use VHS or what?

ChickeyCantor4280d ago

why would the Wii need a DVD player? dont we have alot of them already?

its pointless and they would only put a bigger price tag on it and that would be stupid since 250 is close to a basic-360(or core what ever you call it)

Violater4280d ago

of these stupid articles and posts.
If the PS3 is doomed to fail then let it fail.
I hardly see a product like the PS3 with the foundation that has been set for it by PS1-2, the billions in financial backing and the stubbornness of Sony management who just wont let it fail.
Consumers will Keep buying the PS3 and Fan boys will keep having something to fight about.
So yes people who have bought and plan to buy a PS3 will play the waiting game b/c the variety and quality games are coming.
Developers want the money and consumers want the games, other companies just don't the competition. If anything the other console fans should be glad the PS3 keeps pushing the envelope, b/c thats the only reason why the other consoles improve through competition.
So lets all just enjoy the games and RELAX.

nuff said.

anthonsh4280d ago

I'd just like to point out that the title of this article is awesome.

Also, yeah, I'd guess that if the Wii had a DVD player only 5% of people would use it.

PureGamer4280d ago

why come on here and act like a sales asistant dont buy it please dont buy it why dont you just piss off and play your 360 if its that good why do you come on here and bash another console????

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