Gameplay (Hungary) Review Scans for Killzone 2

A memeber of GameTrailers forums posted scans from Gameplay Magazine (Hungary) that contain their final review for Killzone 2.


- It appears that this magazine is from Croatia, and not Hungary. Sorry for the mistake, guys.

- The poster of the scans has also provided English translation for the review. Don't miss that!

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MURKERR4695d ago (Edited 4695d ago )

are they on metacritic does anyone know?

and the score is 20/20 not 10/10 a 10/10 on their scoring is average

below thanks juuken

ultimolu4695d ago


97 average so far. o_O

shingo4695d ago (Edited 4695d ago )

20/20 yeah, but here on N4G there isn't a 20/20 option when you want to submit the score, the only choice I had is 10/10 which is perfect and similar. 10/20 is average, 10/10 is not, duh! :P

MURKERR4695d ago

great score great game see you online in kz2 mate :)

Ridrick4695d ago


just got my hands on OPM UK review.

they gave Killzone 2 9/10.

Danja4695d ago

when these guys say relatively short SP..?

do they mean COD4 short SP..or R2 SP Length ?

joydestroy4695d ago

yesss...4 weeks omg so far away hahahaha.
can't wait to pop this b!tch in and play it on the big screen :D

Ridrick4695d ago

I booked week of holiday 25th Feb onwards :)

zdudynot4695d ago

cant wait until it comes out, my best ps3 game so far, i was in the beta and its brilliant, to those who say it takes a short time until u rank up, it doesnt and the sniper is amazing.

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ultimolu4695d ago

I can't take it anymooooooore.
This game has INCREDIBLE written all over it.

trancefreak4695d ago

Oh ya i cant wait at all i havnt been this hyped for a game in a long time.

kingboy4695d ago

yes!come February 25th u`ll be all mine

mintaro4695d ago (Edited 4695d ago )


olivia4695d ago

went through the roof ....i want this game on my hd tv now now now now now now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Fozzy254695d ago

They say in their rankings that 20/20 is a masterpiece. I wonder how many other games have received the same score? Either way this game is going to totally own and the year is only going to get better from here!!!

tee_bag2424694d ago (Edited 4694d ago )

? I'm looking forward to seeing this. Shame about no story co-op. Hopefully multiplayer is put together as well as the game looks.