BioShock: Irrational Games Interview

Kikizo talks to BioShock boys Joe McDonagh and Joe Faulstick to discuss the stunning title that could change the way we think about first person shooters.

It's still early days for 2007, but already gamers are circling the big games to look for this year, and one of the titles getting more attention than most is BioShock, a new shooter from 2K Games and Irrational coming to PC and Xbox 360 this June.

Over the last year this spiritual successor to acclaimed shooter System Shock 2 has earned dozens of awards, getting praise for everything from its art-deco stylings to its new approach to the first-person shooter genre.

For BioShock, the glue that's holding the experience together is choice. The doomed underwater world of Rapture is a living ecosystem, existing whether you're there or not, and this makes for an environment that can react to your presence in it. And BioShock's sense of tension comes from its limitations. Intrigued? You should be.

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nicodemus4258d ago

The two Joes sounded like they really know how to make a good game,or at least a good scary one: the ecosystem, scarcity, choices, AI. Bioshock sounds better and better every time I see something on it. It's sounding pretty amazing at this point.

Oh and the water -- I anyone hasn't seen the demo video from E3, it is an absolute must. The part in the flooded bathroom, about 10 minutes in, has THE best water I've ever seen in a game. It is unreal...