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n4gzz4532d ago (Edited 4532d ago )

hows the demo ??
Is the control similar to RE4 ?? I hated that briefcase thing. Everything else was good.
No live for me :(

Edit:: Thanks for info. As long as it doesn't pause, I am good to go. I already paid in full actually :)

die_fiend4532d ago

Yeah similar to RE4. The briefcase thing is just 9 squares which can hold one of any item, but the game doesn't pause when you open it. But yeah the demo is awesome

Marceles4532d ago (Edited 4532d ago )

it really is, i can't wait til the game is released

RemmM4532d ago (Edited 4532d ago )

I'm downloading it right now

Edit-Just downloaded the demo! Ready to play! XD

die_fiend4532d ago

Lol so it transpires that Graphics Whore doesn't even have LIVE so couldn't have played this. He's just pretending it's poor to make him look different. How emo

joemayo764532d ago

Yea RE5 plays almost identical to RE4 but im not diggin the run button being A. Anyone else think they should have kept it as X (same button location as other RE's which were square) I dunno maybe its just habit, i'll prob eventually get used to it. can't wait for this game and SF4!!!

Nathan Drake4532d ago (Edited 4532d ago )

Wrong post reply

JsonHenry4532d ago

Well, the two minutes I got to play the game before my newest 360 RRoDed on my was pretty cool. The game looks AMAZING.

So amazing my 360 broke. : (

Oh well. Gonna toss a coin and see whether my PS3 or my Wii gets traded in to help pay for a new 360.

bviperz4532d ago

You can't be serious?! Wii or PS3? With KZ2 around the corner? You joking, right?!

SkyGamer4532d ago

Yeah but it really hard to top the first ones because they are new. Just like Jurassic Park, the first one was revolutionary. When the glass of water shook and T Rex was close, you can't repeat that again because it lost it's appeal after the first time. (Those kids were SOOOO annoying, I wanted to rip my own arm off so I'd have something to throw at the tv)

Pika-pie4532d ago

Im a silver member.. Damn.. But wait...

I used the 1month live gold card that was included when my console was sent back to me after being repaired....


cjflora4531d ago

And here is our explanation on why so many 360's are sold. In all seriousness though, think about what you are saying. You are considering trading in two perfectly working consoles for another poorly designed one! This makes absolutely no sense to me! The mentality of some people...I swear...

Kira834531d ago

i hate the co-op aspect of it. Do i really have to play the entire game like this?!

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TrevorPhillips4532d ago

I played the demo and ill tell u its fukin amazing thats how good it is the online doesnt even lag 1 bit not 1 bit ill cu guys online :) btw im getting both limited editions for 360 and ps3 very very huge fan of re games

IcarusOne4532d ago (Edited 4532d ago )

These controls are really starting to show their age. I wish there was more sensitivity in the stick; there's no degrees of movement. It's either walk or don't. The sprint is a little weird. I wish it were a shoulder button like Rainbow 6. And the fact that you still can't walk with your weapon drawn is baffling. The series has gotten such a facelift in the graphics department, and yet the gameplay is almost entirely devoid of innovation. It's nice to see more controls in the close-combat and melee area, but it's still clunky. They should've built in a more user-friendly melee system.

Despite all these gripes, this demo is heart-pounding and awesome. Easily the most beautiful game I've ever seen. Now I'm waiting for the PSN demo to hit so I can compare the two.

Mozilla894531d ago

But it sounds like the general consensus is that its awesome. I'm actually planning on getting this one. Since it has more replayability with the co-op. Unless the campaign is really short, in which case it will be a rent like RE4.

Why dis4532d ago

Dam I fired up m TV and game box for this, nothing yet near Seattle.

Graphics Whore4532d ago (Edited 4532d ago )

Disappointing, controls feel like a gear clone overall it operates like an action game and less of a resident evil game.

Hoping they only show these juicy bits to hype up the game, however that doesn't change my opinion until I get my hands on the retail copy.



The distance and movement of the camera controls much like gears, right down to the aiming.

The demo didn't impress, it's just my opinion don't take it personally.

Hiruma Youchi4532d ago

Get your mind right dude. From what i've seen in the Gameplay videos and from people have said ; the game plays like RE4 ! so what you talking bout with your gears? Gears came out in 06 dude and RE4 in 05! get you ish together homeboi.

̿ '̿\̵͇̿̿\=((•̪●))=/̵͇̿̿/'̿̿ ̿ ̿ ̿ ̿ SHOT'em in the head!

Marceles4532d ago's pretty much the same controls as RE4 and RE4 came out before Gears. The only difference I noticed in RE5 compared to 4 is co-op and you control your inventory in real time. You can't pause into the inventory when things get hectic. I understand what you're saying about it not feeling like survival horror though. You don't have to worry about not having ammo like the previous ones but it's still a good action game. RE4 was pretty much Game of the Year too, so if you hate 5 then you're hate a really good game.

Graphics Whore4532d ago

Umm, no offense RE4 was a good game but games like God of War and F.E.A.R. were released at the same time. That might be your personal 05' GOTY but that's not an overall scoring.

die_fiend4532d ago

People are disagreeing with ur Gear's clone remark when it's clearly not. It's just like RE4 (it's predecessor)! If anything Gears was like RE4. But not that like it. U can move and shoot in Gears, not in this.

"The distance and movement of the camera controls much like gears, right down to the aiming."
Again, what you mean is control much like RE4 (which Gears happened to imitate).

No1 cares if you didn't like the demo or wasn't impressed, it shows how silly you must be. Aren't you impressed by the graphics, whore?

Graphics Whore4532d ago (Edited 4532d ago )

The graphics are pretty good, textures could use a bit more work over all they're impressive at 720p.

Resident Evil 5 lost the horror adventure/action and it's just an Action Game. It has lost the appeal to me.

By the way, if you didn't care then you wouldn't be commenting :).


Interesting seeing how the main protagonist is the size of a mac truck or to round it off Marcus Fenix.

How about the C-C-C-C-C-COMBO BREAKEEERR! Punch, send the infected flying? I wasn't aware I was playing Mike Tyson's Punch Out!

Face it, they deluded it into a hardcore westernized demographic that plays like a generic action game and has lost its premise of Horror Adventure.

LarVanian4532d ago (Edited 4532d ago )

Technically Gears of War is actually the Resident Evil clone.
Heres a list of things it copied from Resi Evil
-Over the shoulder view while aiming
-Main protagonist being confined to the left side of the screen

Resident Evil 5 did not copy anything from Gears. It took all the great things about Resi 4 and in a way improved them.

""Resident Evil 5 lost the horror adventure/action and it's just an Action Game. It has lost the appeal to me""

This is one thing I heavily agree with though. I still have memories of playing as Chris, Leon and Jill in the first 3 games back in the late 90s. I still remember the time when I used to shout "SH!T" whenever I ran out of ammo. And the times I used to shout "F*CK" whenever something surprised me.

die_fiend4532d ago

My god you're clever. When I commented did it say anything to do with me caring about u not liking the demo? No I didn't. Did I try to explain to you that people were disagreeing cos of your dumb comments about Gears? Yes I did. But obviously you still can't see that. What console are you playing it on?

n4gzz4532d ago

who cares who copies who as long as its fun to play. I don't care if there are 1000 gears as long as I don't get tired of playing.

Marceles4532d ago (Edited 4532d ago )

That's why I said "pretty much game of the year" game is GOTY for every gaming website and magazine. God of War also was pretty much game of the year, point is RE4 was a great game and you must've skipped it if you're comparing RE5 to Gears. You're a little late to the party.

Demo didn't impress, ok that's cool...but don't compare it to a game newer than an older game that used the same mechanics. Your "doesn't feel like the older RE games" opinion sounds more valid, but the control argument just didn't make any sense

And FEAR for GOTY being mentioned along side God of War and RE4? that's definitely personal opinion, maybe the best shooter of that year but not overall GOTY. FEAR and Doom 3 were also going at it that year

Graphics Whore4532d ago

Okay, here let me re-phrase that because so many of you are crying over a comment that is clearly an opinion.

It feels generic, it moves generic, the way to operates and the way the pacing is unfolded to the player does not match.

It's Westernized Generic Shooter 5, where as the previous iterations of the franchise weren't. It sucks. There you go guys, cry some more.

I'm basing my opinions off of the demo, so my opinion is due to change.

foxeye134532d ago

If you guys really want to say wich game knocks of witch... ill tell you something... Gears and Res are knockoffs of the PS one classic ''Fade to Black'' someone remembers that game?!?! That was the first game (that i can remember) that had over the shoulder aiming... hehehe Go try it out... Its a crap game (well in todays standards) but that was the game with that kinf of aiming... :)

JasonPC360PS3Wii4532d ago

How would you know what the demo is like? you said here you don't even have Live So how can you play a demo on an imaginary Xbox 360?

Lelouch V Brit4532d ago

Summary about your comments:

"The distance and movement of the camera controls much like gears, right down to the aiming."

"Umm, no offense RE4 was a good game but games like God of War and F.E.A.R. "

How about the C-C-C-C-C-COMBO BREAKEEERR! Punch, send the infected flying? I wasn't aware I was playing Mike Tyson's Punch Out!"

"It's Westernized Generic Shooter 5, where as the previous iterations of the franchise weren't. It sucks. There you go guys, cry some more."

People This Guy Is AntiXbox 360 Articles, Every Xbox 360 Article He or She Posts Something Against Xbox 360. If You Didn't Liked The Demo Then Stop Posting Your Trash Here And Don't Buy The Game.

P.S: You're Going To Miss One Of The Best Games Of 2009.

jib4532d ago

yeah what lelouch said. graphicswhore = fangirl

poopface14532d ago

Try to get people to play this game with re2 controls, people would throw it in the trash. They dont use pre-rendered backgrounds anymore so they can have the camera move. I know that they wont limit your ammo either, because that might actually make it challenging. Games now a days are evolving and are not difficult anymore. thats just something that we have to accept.

Nathan Drake4532d ago (Edited 4532d ago )

The latter absolutely can not take any whatsoever criticism or personal opinion of another gamer without throwing temper tantrum and unfounded accusations.You're disagreeing with Graphics Whore because he doesn't like Resi5,did you stop to think that maybe--JUST MAYBE--he honestly did not like RE5?

As an owner of both consoles,it saddens me that Xbox 360 only gamers simply can not respectfully agree or disagree with the opinion of another gamer,it's always "F_CK YEAH UR RIGHT!!!!" or "F_CK YOU UR WRONG!".When will you guys learn to accept that different gamers have different tastes?

I remember when I posted that GeOW2 deserves nothing more than a 7.5 out of 10 due to it's completely broken Multiplayer,Xbox only gamers had a fit,not realizing that I consider GeOW1 to be one of the greatest games of all time EVEN WITH IT'S RESIDENT EVIL AND GOD OF WAR RIPOFF MOMENTS.If you've played the Resident Evil series,and if you've played the God Of War series as well,there is absolutely no way you can fail to see where someone might draw the "RE5 feels like too much like Gears Of War in terms of the Action and or gameplay",because guess what....?Gears Of War 1 copied ELEMENTS of gameplay,pacing,and some set pieces from both RE4 and GOW1,the fact that Epic managed to do it all incredibly well is WHY I loved GeOW1.

Anyways,I've only played the demo once,I'm going to spend a lot more time on it when I get done with Work.From what I have played,I completely agree with what Graphics Whore said,the days of Resident Evil being a survival horror game are long gone-Now that doesn't mean the game is bad,no not at all.It just means we'll have to look elsewhere for our horror game fix

jib4532d ago

"See,this is the exact reason why Ps3 gamers generally do not like Xbox 360 gamers"
"As an owner of both consoles,it saddens me that Xbox 360 only gamers simply can not respectfully agree or disagree with the opinion"

oh stop generalizing PS3/360 Gamers. stop targeting a specific fan group. it just makes you look ignorant.

Fanboys are ALL the same since the same can be said the other way around. don't be blind about it. you know d-mn well anyone on here that says anything bad on a KZ2 thread will get attacked just the same yet only the "Xbox 360 only gamers" sadden you

one more thing, i never really get why you always post lil pics like that as if it proves you own/played the game. anyone can google images like that

Nathan Drake4532d ago

Did you ever stop to think that maybe my Camera Phones' resolution is not HD?Or was your Detective work too intense to the point where you overlooked this simple possibility :) ?

"He isn't ejaculating over RE5,ok,he doesn't have RE5 that pic is from Google!"-Yet you claim my comment about 1 group of gamers failing to accept and or respectfully disagree with the opinion of another group of gamers was somewhat generalizing,hm?

So Jib,where are YOUR pics of the RE5 Demo running on your Xbox?I'd like some Pics please ;)

Chuk54532d ago

Did you even play RE4 ? w/e though to each idiot his own anus right. Anyway played,loved it and am going to pre-order it. Capcom is welcome to take my money for this and sfiv.Capcom = developer of the year

JsonHenry4532d ago

Why is the original poster not allowed to have his opinion?

kewlkat0074532d ago

Either both of the two is

We see right through ya..

bunbun7774532d ago (Edited 4532d ago )


For anyone new to this internet forum thing. Here ya go. GW has given us a good example of a troll. Here I am at work, honestly excited the demo is out (2 bad no PS3--that's ok though I'll live) and I want to see what the kids are saying about a highly anticipated game.

Thanks GW. Thanks for being so moronic that you compel others out of a sense of duty to keep the newbies from actually believing what you write.

Honestly? NO ONE cares that much about you or your comments, it's our love for a gaming franchise that has delivered again and again, that's we reply, that's why we put you in your place. (clarify here-- not caring is a good thing in that this is not personal towards you, if you like the game awesome! if you do not like it too bad!--- just watch out when claiming something is a rip off---oh wait you are a troll and were doing it on purpose....)

In the end though I am going to put you on my ignore list, as I hope anyone else will do that finds your comments.... trolled up.

-edit--and just to be clear here--- opinions are all welcome-- always. Just don't think you are the enlightened one, walk into a room full of fans, and spew your BS. If you really think the world needs to know that RE5 is a Gears rip off when it clearly is not-- you are a DBAG.

cmrbe4532d ago

man. Got to love comments here.

Either way capcom games have gone down in quality IMO!. DMC4 was a good example. I agree with GW. Capcom are trying too hard to cater to the western market and not retaining what made their games special in the first place.

I haven't played it yet but if indeed it lost its survival horror feel in place of a more action adventure game then that is sad indeed.

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Hiruma Youchi4532d ago (Edited 4532d ago )


̿ '̿\̵͇̿̿\=((•̪●))=/̵͇̿̿F/'̿̿ ̿ ̿ ̿ ̿ SHOT THEM IN THE HEAD!