GamerLimit: Persona 4 Review

"Persona 4 is not a game. It is an experience. It is the kind of experience that helps to define what it means to be a gamer–and what it means to be a game. In an age where developes are constantly pushing less and less, a game like Persona 4 is a rare gem. It is a classic: it stands high among such grand titles as Suikoden 2, Xenogears, and Final Fantasy VII. Though it lacks the dramatic tone of so many other games in the genre, Persona 4 manages to deliver an experience totally unique to the genre."

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Canary5619d ago

What do you guys think of the major complain about tension?

If it's so bad, shouldn't that warrant a lower score?

Kevin McCallister5619d ago (Edited 5619d ago )

Yeah without that, he probably would have given it something higher. I would give it a 10, but I'm a Persona fanboy.

Danja5619d ago

it's a 10 in my book....

just beat the last boss....was a b!tch but im ready to start my second play through,.,XD

Tony P5619d ago

The "tension" thing sounds like a nitpick..

It's not like I think the game's perfect, but every RPG does this because the player needs some measure of time to prepare for the coming battles. Surely, the diverse activities you may engage in can starkly contrast with the urgency of the mission, but so does gaining a bunch of levels/finishing a bunch of sidequests right before the meteor hits earth dispel the same tension.

If anything, having any sense of time at all seriously compounds the tension more than the average game.

But w/e, I enjoy it regardless

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Canary5619d ago


I tried to finish my first playthrough before the semester started... I *almost* made it.

Dunno when I'll find time to finish it now.

Maywell5618d ago

I'm so miss Xenogears and Suikoden 2 after reading this...

Canary5618d ago

Think they'll bring either of those over to the PSN?

I spent $40 for a used copy of SuikoIII, but damn... Suikoden II is too expensive these days.

rockleex5618d ago

Were much better games than FFVII in my book. ^_^

Ziriux5618d ago

Man i'm as convinced for this game as I was to wearing a bra for the first time.


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SDuck287d ago

Years ago, I was emulating the game on my laptop and the old thing died when I was about to get to the final boss. I'm more than happy to buy this remake when it comes out so I can finish it!

TheColbertinator287d ago (Edited 287d ago )

At the time I was immersed in SMT Nocturne and later DDS. I did not realize at all how important Persona would become for me years later.

raWfodog286d ago

Persona 3 FES was the first one that I played in the series. Looking forward to the remake.


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McMahonme7505d ago

That's a good point I didn't really think of but it lends to the narrative a lot more than P5 for sure. I also enjoy how much more streamlined the game is and how it doesn't have a 13 hour tutorial.