Is Nintendo Ripping us off With 'New Play Control'?

That Gaming Site writes: "In the past we've seen some great examples of games that have been re-released in ways that improve the original, re-working content for a new audience to help spread the word of great games of the past. However, re-releasing classics no matter how anticipated, is a practice that will always provoke scepticism, especially from an easily remorseful buyer."

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Parapraxis3555d ago (Edited 3555d ago )

The prices for these games seem way to steep.
40$ for a old GC games just because they have motion controls added on and some support 16:9?
C'mon Nintendo, you can do better than this.

heroicjanitor3555d ago

Nintendo can't be trusted with monopoly

Elven63555d ago

Are you sure they are adding native 16:9 support or just letting the Wii upscale the thing?

Microsoft was smart by making 16:9 mandatory a few months after the launch of the original Xbox, I think Sony may have done this later on as well.

f7897903555d ago

They have a monopoly on the casual games. Thank god neither Sony or Microsoft have one over the hardcore market.

SinnedNogara3555d ago

When will they bring back PLAYER'S CHOICE. Great Wii games in red cases and for lower prices. All the GOOD Wii launch titles could become Player's Choice and some new features could be added in.

For example, the rubber-band effect in Red Steel could be fixed in a Player's Choice version. They could tweak the graphics a little bit, and add online play to both Call of Duty 3 and Red Steel!!!

We want this Nintendo, games should be what we want to play, and we want Wii Player's Choice.

N4g_null3555d ago

LOL I here it's selling like crazy in japan. What is funny is this reminds me when I would buy an arcade system and the console version just to play a different version.

This idea worked for res evil 4 fine and actually made it a better game. Another thing is lots of people did not buy these games and I'm actualy looking forward to the donkey kong remake my self.

Mini Mario3555d ago (Edited 3555d ago )

The thing is The gamecube didnt sell well and alot of games didnt get the exposure they should have. Now with the wii selling well many ppl that never bought a gamecube (which are alot) can now buy them and see what they missed out on the 1st time round.

I was up in the air whether or not to buy resi4 again but now im glad i did and i dont think playing the original would be quite the same again.

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Product3555d ago (Edited 3555d ago )

they are $30 at gamestop listed. Ign has also stated its $30 for these games in america.Other regions will vary.

Someone disagreed with me lol obviously someone who didnt like what i had to say regardless of fact

Voiceofreason3555d ago

They see another reason to hate.. Your posts would only get in the way of that...

dragunrising3555d ago

@ 2 I agreed with you and gave you a bubble :-) Good comment.

I think $30 is an alright price for a Wii-make of a Gamecube game. I had no problem putting down the same price for Resident Evil 4 on Wii; good price. In my opinion, the controls of the Wii are what make it different/special. RE4 felt completely different with waggle, so I have high hopes for 'New Play' games.

Xander-RKoS3555d ago

No...$40 for improved remakes doesn't seem that bad. Most of us would gladly pay $50+ for remakes of games like Resident Evil, where people gladly paid full price for the Wii version even though a cheaper GCN and PS2 version were on the market.

Heck, I never played Pikmin and I'm always willing to give an excuse to play Metroid Prime 1 again.

Elven63555d ago

These aren't remakes though, they are the same game with new controls and some "graphical enhancements" which may be upscailing.

gametheory3555d ago

The only thing they are doing is mapping the gamecube's controls to Wiimote's control. That hardly costs anything, it probably can be done with a single programmer. These aren't remakes, they are ports. Hell, even the word port is too much of a compliment for these games, as ports in games implies that there was some work being done under the hood of the game, i.e. a minor re-working of the engine for it to work on the new console (i.e. from gamecube to PS2, from Xbox 360 to PS3, etcetera).

These aren't even ports, much less remakes. Here's the word you are looking for:


Kevin McCallister3555d ago (Edited 3555d ago )

Gametheory is correct. It probably wouldn't even take one person a whole day to remap the controls for all of these games. While $30 isn't too bad a price, it's still too high. I just might consider Mario Tennis though since I still play that every once in a while, but none of the others.

fear883555d ago

Now it plays games without those insanely expensive discs. Damn when should a blu-ray game cost less than some crappy re-release of a game more than 8 years old?

Moral of this story: If you bought a Wii, don't pay for crappy games...steal them.

Mini Mario3555d ago

"These aren't even ports, much less remakes. Here's the word you are looking for:


To me its no diffeent than re-buying blu rays that i already have on DVD. I mean a blu ray (in aus) cost $40. Which is only $15-20 cheaper than one of these GCN re releases.

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gumgum993555d ago

Of course not. They are opening it up to those who are intimidated to try out the GCN titles. If you like the original Gamecube games, then just buy those instead.

They're still around.

littletad3555d ago

The majority of Wii owners, given the casual market for them, are not that well informed.

N4g_null3555d ago

The so call hardcore are not that well informed either. The so called casuals are harder to sell to and these games need this added appeal for those gamers to take to these bridge games.

So basically these are not for you guys. Most people who will buy this will buy it because they think it maybe cool. I mean the mapping stuff to the Wii mote is not a cake walk just go play red steel LOL. I'd paid for them to fix that game!

Mini Mario3555d ago

"6.2 - Yeah there are worse offenders
Name one game that EA re-released eight years later at full price. Thats like releasing Madden 2001 for the playstation 2 eight years later for the same price it was in fall 2000."

For a start their not re release at "full price". And secondly EA Re release the same game every year...the same game with yearly statistics. At "full price"

Cheeseknight283555d ago

In a word: yes.

I may buy Jungle Beat, but that's only because I missed it the first time.

N4g_null3555d ago

Me too one of the best platformers in a while and the bongos where cool but playing it with Wii motes should be way better. I hope they add motion plus to it for the boss fights where you get to use your fist.

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