New Namco RPG For 360

On October 17, 1948, Frederic Chopin, one of the most influential composers for the piano, succumbed to sickness and died at the young age of 39. Three hours prior to that, in the world according to Bandai Namco, Chopin, crouched on the floor of his hospital, saw a dream. The dream had anime characters that looked like they were out of a Tales game and a world that looked like it was pulled from a fairy tale. In the dream, people carried about their lives like in the real world. But in the dream world, people with incurable sicknesses had magical powers.

Bandai Namco's new Xbox 360 RPG, Trusty Bell: Chopin's Dream ("Chopin no Yume" for the Japanese version) takes place in this dream world. Chopin (yes, the composer) comes into contact with Polka, a young girl who resides with her mother in the village of Tenuto (the names, you'll find, are all musical terms). Polka is near her death, meaning she's got some crazy powers. Unfortunately, people believe that by touching her, they'll be infected with her koodies, so Polka's not particularly popular.

Trusty Bell is the story of Chopin (yes, the composer), Polka, and a Allegretto, a 16-year-old who steals to eat and lives for only one thing: to help Polka.

If Trusty Bell were called Tales of Something-or-other, no one would complain. The game has the absurd premise, peculiar names and colorful artwork of Namco's biggest RPG series. Plus, musical composition is being handled by Motoi Sakuraba, of Tales of fame.

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FamoAmo6516d ago

The whole story and plot sound like a joke.. "people believe that by touching her, they'll be infected with her koodies, so Polka's not particularly popular" --I mean that sounds stupid!!

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joemutt6516d ago

I am beginning to think that SSJ is smarter than the Mods around here!

I mean come on, you know its him, ban his ass before he makes his first post. And cant they put a ban on his PC?

He is a real pervert, and things like this make me sick.

OutLaw6516d ago

All he needs is a program like anonymizer to hide his IP address. So he is probably using something like that to mask it. That's why it's so hard to get rid of him. I don't know if this is the case. But most likely it is.

TheMART6516d ago

The mods of this site could in the end see the Proxy's used. When he is banned with his IP and then go use a proxy to get a new nickname login, the site/mods could write to his provider to cut him off the internet because he hacks a system/database to get access to this site/posting on here.

OutLaw6516d ago

Hopefully soon they would do that and finally get rid of him.

pRo loGic II6516d ago (Edited 6516d ago )

I see MS is still secretive thats good us 360 fans will be blown away by MS's secret stash of goodies just wait til the end of the year i bet they'll have the same amount goodies at the end of the year as they had at E3.

Guttersnype6516d ago

This premise of this game is kinda odd. But it does seem to have some solid people behind it. Like to see more on it in the future before making any judgement.

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jznrpg16h ago

Still have my ps3 copies. Bought it at launch and another one when I found it cheap and in perfect condition about 10 years ago. I wouldn’t buy it on Switch but if they made a PS5 version I would. I still have one of my PS3 Fats hooked up so good to go either way.

darthv7216h ago

Id play it again on the switch. I wished my 360 version was bc but this is still a good way to play.


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