New black iMac incoming?

Apple is said to be lining up a black iMac for the summer.

Apple gossipmongers over at say they've had word that Cupertino is planning a frenzy of new releases in June. Most eye popping is word of a slick new black iMac, which you'll be able to co-ordinate nicely with your Nano and MacBook if that's your bag.

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The_Firestarter4254d ago (Edited 4254d ago )

My goodness, Macs = yuck and what's up with this new thing going around where if you change the color of your product, people would want to buy it even more than before! Like the new SKU for the 360, it's BLACK and has a bigger hardrive. "Since it's black I NEED THE NEW ONE NOW, and the larger hardrive will be a nice little add-on." Shouldn't that way of thinking be the other way around? The sad thing is that I know it's not. Macs have always been white, right? But if they make it black people will like it more? Why don't they make their computers.....better? >:) j/k Honestly, if you like Mac notebooks, go for it. :P