Windows 7 Beta Gaming Performance: XP vs Vista vs 7

Which OS delivers better gaming performance at this point: Windows 7, Vista, or good old Windows XP? Tom answers this question testing all three operating systems out on midrange and high-end systems through 7 different games as well as USB transfer and 3DMark testing.

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JCDenton4563d ago

Well, XP won in most tests, and Vista and 7 followed.

But, World In Conflict (a game that strongly relies on multi-core CPUs) ran faster on both Vista and 7, then on XP. This shows that (obviously) newer OSs takes advantage of multi-core CPUs better than (almost 7,5 years) old XP.

I think it's really just a driver issue, so performance will get better.

drewdrakes4563d ago

Plus 7 is in beta. Hopefully the final version will do even better.

TheIneffableBob4563d ago

Windows 7 beta 1 is using debug code, so the retail version will definitely be faster.

Superted20074563d ago

Looks very promising here although the Crysis scene looks pretty poor for the minute.

sukru4563d ago

My only problem is with lazy hardware manufacturers. My Audigy drivers caused many issues for me (including a sudden power-off). However everything else is pretty snappy, and working very well.

Kushan4563d ago

Creative are rubbish for drivers, but unfortunately the pretty much own most of the gaming sound card market.
There is light, though, if you want a good alternative to Creative's sound cards, I can highly recommend Asus' Xonar series. I have the D2 and it even supports EAX versions greater than 2, plus it's just a damn fine card (has DDL and such).

dgroundwater4562d ago

Far Cry 2 seems to win on Windows 7... That's cool.