1Up Show 5.5

This week's show features Supreme Commander, EGM's Next-gen gap, Unreal Tournament 3 and Flow.

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techie4255d ago

That guy talking against flow is an absolute noob. A hardcore gamer that can't think outside the box.

Watching it it looked amazing. It's like an obsessive vedge-out game. Pure bliss.

Siesser4255d ago

I agree, that was quite the rant there, but I guess he just feels passionately about his definition of a game. He just seems unable to differentiate absolutes from opinions. Everyone else there seemed to really appreciate flOw but him.

And I love the Chipotle at the end. Yum :)

techie4255d ago

It's sad but I had to close my eyes when they were showing the gameplay...because I think the game is about discovery... I KNOW I'M LAME.

Siesser4255d ago (Edited 4255d ago )

By no means lame. For watching, I had the displeasure of finding out what happens with the credits :( And when I got the the fourth evolution, I already knew what its ability was. They spoiled the heck out of it.

THAMMER14255d ago (Edited 4255d ago )

Its cool. It is a date game. If you have a girl who is hard on games. Whip this out and she should dig it. And $8.00 is a bit much but I can see where some would not mind the cost. $600.00 to get started is the problem here. But over all FLOW could get you some action unless you a fat bearded nerd in the 1st place.

techie4255d ago

Ha. I heard all the girls were into the Wii these days...

$8!? Guees how mcuh we have to pay for next-gen games in the UK...from £40-50...which is aprox...$75-100... wah:(

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