Kutaragi: Second generation software has come out

Sony chairman Ken Kutargi was speaking about Gundam Musou for the PS3 and declared second generation software has already come out. He also confirmed that Sony has shipped out 1 million units of the PS3 for the European launch in March.

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DC RID3R4280d ago

silly sony excuses............ "you can't compare this to gears man, this is only 1st generation!"

that ish won't hold no more, PS3 games have been SERIOUSLY underwhelming. Either that, or the 360 has been performing exceptionally well :]

You tell em ken

Xi4280d ago

that wasn't an excuse to begin with since all dev kits are released at roughly the same time, then beta kits, etc. The only difference is that you get to see your final product earlier.
The other reason it wasn't an excuse is that previous generations, games were out preforming on day 1, halo was the best looking console game at the time. Ports looked better on the cube and 360.

Joe4280d ago

Not surprised. The PS3 has been delayed numerous times. PS3 games have already been ready for more than 1 year ago. Of course, second gen games are here. But, they still don't look as impressive as second gen XBOX360 games.

Azurite4280d ago

Had no idea there were 3-4 generations a year.

wolfgang4280d ago (Edited 4280d ago )

Is this 2008 ? No ? Well good luck finding anything on killzone 2 other then the old E3 cgi.

Xi4280d ago

second dev kits are out, will ps3 games finally look the part?
What about big games already in development, does it mean they're going to be rehashed because of new kits?
Why didn't you just release these kits before?

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The story is too old to be commented.