Mercenaries 2 In Game Footage and Images

Xboxyde has posted a video diary showing some in-game footage.

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m234256d ago

I like the explosions

specialguest4256d ago (Edited 4256d ago )

Since this game was custom built from ground up for the PS3 version, instead of being a port, it will be interesting to see how the 360 and PS3 versions match up in comparison.

Funky Town_TX4256d ago

Where did you get that info. They could have built it in parallel with the 360 verision.

HaKeRsCanRotINHEL4256d ago

Its true. Go to or PS3, you'll find your answers there.

techie4255d ago

Yuh it was. Just watched the interview where they announced it was cross-platform. They said they were working on the ps3 the most and that the 360 version wasn't up to scratch to the ps3 version just because they'd spent more time on the ps3. But they are now polishing them up to get them to look exactly the same...

GioneBurnz4256d ago (Edited 4256d ago )

Graphically, the game looks bad in general. There is a big lack of detail (i.e: the AK-47 on the mercs' back and the logo on the helicopter in the screenshots). Also, I dount that any of these will will fully exploit the consoles. For these reasons, a PS3 vs X360 comparison will be useless.

I must mention, on the other hand, that if this game is anything like the first Mercenaries (even though it will be dev.'ed by EA now), it will be amazing. Furthermore, from the pictures we've seen, the level design looks much more inspired than the first.

This game will be awesome.

shotty4256d ago

you do know that its pre-alpha footage right?

power of Green 4256d ago

They'll look the same at least if Ridge Racer is anything to go off of. You guys have to remember PS3's hardware will not allow as much at any given time.(I Know some of you want to bring up Oblivion 1UP has seen the 360 update that makes the 360 version the same as the PS3 version, this games graphical improvments on the PS3 has to do with the dev's not capabilities), so the 360 fans got the rushed need to make money version.

peksi4255d ago (Edited 4255d ago )

Graphically not so impressive but I hope (and looking forward to) that everything it lacks in graphics goes to physics, playability, AI, plot etc etc.

I personally think a game can be magnificent with only adequate graphics, there is so much more to gaming experience than just the sugar coating. I think we've seen enough of upcoming nex-gen graphic muscle competitions, time to bring on the real games! But of course it never hurts to have nice graphics...

And it's great that the title has become multiplatform, if only the network play would be cross platform also. Does MS Live / Sony online service even allow that?

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