Gears of War 2 will look even better then the first one

In the february edition of EGM, Epic's lead designer Cliff Bleszinski told EGM the following about Gears of war 2 :

"I think there's more that we could squeeze out of the 360. You get used to the limitations and potential that this console has, and then you can really start exploring. I guarantee that, in the future, the technology of what we do here will squeeze every bit of coolness out of [the 360]. If there's a follow-up, it'll definitely look better than the first."

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TheMART4255d ago

Ofcourse it will games later in the consoles life cycle always look better... Never been different

wolfgang4255d ago

Still, some people will try to convince you that you cannot push the hardware further.

Jones Miller4254d ago

Yup Sony fanboys to be exact!

MikeMichaels4254d ago

I just wanna see some good AA this time. good as the game looked, it got kinda jaggy when played through the projector.

Yo Wassap4254d ago

That can't happen, after all the 360 isn't powerful enough to have graphics better than that. C'mon people you know it's impossible*

*please heed my sarcasm thoughout that post

PureGamer4254d ago

Ill have all 3 of the consoles by the time this comes out, the best of both worlds tastes so good. Hopefully its not as short as the first one.

ChickeyCantor4254d ago

they said 40%.............10% or 20% more and it alreay looks better.
(40% hardware usage)

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The story is too old to be commented.

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