Grand Theft Auto IV back on top, Haze outselling CoD:WaW

Spending a large portion on 2008 sitting in the gutter after its inital release, maybe Rockstar where right in saying they're confident GTA IV can reach 10 million units. is the Uks biggest online retailer for consumer electronics...

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Sasanova4623d ago


MGOelite4623d ago

hmm i pretty sure this data is false

mrdxpr24623d ago

oh yeah its false a $20 if play has it at 20 ...but im gona buy haze soon for $20 shot new thats a bagain for me i can play it when i move out and have something to do when i get home from work

jammy_704621d ago

you've made my day :)

waw aint that good anyway

Harry Pothead4621d ago

i think its becuase gamers dont want free radical to die.

PirateThom4621d ago

Nope, it's because it's 9.99 on

The Dude4621d ago

Haze just goes to prove how much you ps3 fans love shovelware.

NickIni4621d ago

No, Haze proves that for £10 - you can't go wrong.

shovelbum4621d ago

I would not give a dollar for that POS yet alone ever play it again. It is horrible on every front and has not one redeeming factor.

Tempist4621d ago

Read the article next time. Haze is beating COD:WaW ON PC ONLY. It's not beating COD:WaW 360 or PS3.

Kleptic4621d ago

Haze was just discontinued...and the price was probably dropped to get it off shelves...its available in the US at Target for under $20 leat my local target...

@The Dude...PS3 fans love shovelware?...Wasn't Too Human the first game to knock GTAIV off the top of the 360's sales charts last year?...over 1 million people bought that floater...

Even if Haze sells completely out...that will put the grand total of people owning most likely under what Too Human sold in 1 day...gtfo

PirateThom4621d ago

I wouldn't say Haze is "shovelware", it took longer than a week to produce and had some level of effort put into it, but it does go to show. People will buy any piece of crap, as long as it's cheap.

ravinash4621d ago

Everything has its price point where people will think its worth it...even Haze.

rockleex4621d ago

Everything has its price point where people will think its worth it.

At $199, you can't possibly go wrong... or can you?

At least Haze won't brick your console. <_<

jakhtar874621d ago

Hey dude... see the list of top sellers at

LBP and GTA4(PS3) are on top respectively at 1 and 2 position ....
HAZE at 24 not at 25.

KILLZONE 2 at top on pre-order list.

PLAYSTATION 3 ..... This is living

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Mr_Zkaar4623d ago

Is this really news? i mean common really...

myothercar4621d ago

Damn, I clicked that piece-o-s*** article and gave it a hit. That was pathetic. Haze probably was on clearance or something. This was a useless article.

Well, I wouldn't say completely useless- it did generate a hit, and that's all anyone cares about these days anymore, you know?

Kleptic4621d ago

Haze IS discontinued...Free Radical went under (sucks that Haze was their last game too...the guys that started out in shooters with Goleneye, then Timesplitters, released...Haze...then folded)...and the game has been discounted worldwide accordingly...there was an article about it last week...

ThanatosDMC4621d ago

Of course, at a discounted price point, crap would sell... just like some other thing that is at a lower price point. =p

callahan094623d ago (Edited 4623d ago )

Haze was a good game. There, I said it.

Positives: No loading screens (completely seamless from start to finish), smooth frame-rate, good story, good controls, some unique factors like slide-tackles and disarming enemies, the nectar gameplay quirks are pretty interesting and can add some fun to it all, some very good voice acting.

Negatives: Mediocre graphics, some very annoying voice acting, some bland level designs.

Overall, I'd give it a "Shouldn't have been so harshly criticized, and now I'm sad for Free Radical's demise."

Graphics Whore4621d ago

I'm going to disagree however I did have fun with Haze. There were fun parts just like there were in Too Human, still bad games however.

Obama4621d ago

I was never hyped by lair and haze. Judging from the gameplay videos I knew these two are going to be bad.

jadenkorri4621d ago

Lair was awsome, if it just wasn't rushed, and had more levels, and people claiming it sucked due to just using six axis as the flight controls pre patch...i say learn the controls, you'll enjoy it greatly.

pixelsword4621d ago (Edited 4621d ago )

It was never broken, I'll say that time and again. The only big problem it had was the instructions on how to control your dragon was not detailed, so it left many people who couldn't figure it out on the outs with that game. At first I had a problem with the 180 and dash, but a friend named Zafro taught me how to do it, and I got all golds before the patch came out,

plus I wrote a tutorial on it:

I am also in the top 100 worldwide, and the top 25 in the US in that game.

Danja4621d ago

I still own my copy of both Haze and Lair ..

Haze as was mentioned IMO is a very solid game , Hype was what made this game terrible to the public's eye not the game itself...

as for Lair I was defending this game from day one other than repetitive missions and a bad targeting systems..and a few difficult to do 180 was a good game.

Ju4621d ago (Edited 4621d ago )

I think Haze wasn't a bad game. It is in fact the only (console?) game available to date which does seamless 4 player co-op multiplayer with drop-in drop-out. You just jump in and help someone out. Adds some fun factor. I also think the visuals weren't that bad either. Could have been more, though. But for 10 bucks I think its easily worth it.

felidae4621d ago

hm, i think if Lair's controls need a tutorial like this then there must be something wrong.

btw. i played Lair and i had no problems to control the dragon .. but the game svcked.

YonasJonas4621d ago

Haze was easily the worst game I played this gen, and I've played a lot of games. Heck is was one of the worst games I've played for its time even.

Kleptic4621d ago (Edited 4621d ago )

Lair was the biggest failure review wise I have ever read...

I am not saying that it got the worst reviews...I am saying that it was criticized for ALL the wrong reasons...just so happened that it was just as bad of a game as what most were saying...but that they were saying it was bad for the wrong reasons...

it was the controls that nearly every reviewer jumped on for it sucking...which could not have been further from the truth imo...for me...the controls were the ONLY thing that kept it even slightly interesting for 20 minutes...other than that, sound and visually...the game was actually pretty good...while pushing 1080p at 60fps over any AA might have been more of a marketing move than anything...the game still looked impressive at times...

but what made Lair suck?...EVERYTHING else...absolutely horrible level/objective design...'go fly over here and spam fireballs that this thing'...'go protect this dragon and spam fireballs at everything'...'go land by that trebuchet and spam fireballs at ground troops'...etc...with ridiculous frat boys on all the other dragons constantly yelling at you in cheesy was awful...

combat was equally retarded...the scale of everything was simply too big for them to try any up close combat...spitting fireballs at other dragons was simply you just locked onto them and fired as many as possible until you couldn't lock on anymore (which I guess means you killed it or something)...not to mention...the mounting other dragons and claw/scratch/bite/firebreathe mechanic was funnier than any other thing in gaming...arguably ever...

the story was equally stomach churning...with the age old 'am I on the good side or not' question brought up, laced with horrendous was terrible...played out like C movie writing with blockbuster visuals was like Uwe Boll's movie version of Lair was available in the game box...

but reviewers rarely touched on that stuff...they usually said everything was pretty decent...but that the controls broke the overall game...wrong imo...the controls actually kept it from getting a 2/10 for me...they actually worked...if anyone spent more than 2 minutes with the game...or actually played it...they would see how retarded the reviews were...even if they did end up giving the game a fair score...

and to say Haze or Lair was the worst game you ever played this simply haven't tried all the demos that XBL and the PSN get sometimes...go download Conflict: Denied Ops or Dynasty Warriors: Gundam...both of those games are perfect examples of when a developer does not get a single thing least lair and Haze did one or two things correctly...

ThanatosDMC4621d ago

I liked Lair. Bought it a few months ago. I wish it was a free roam kind of game or at least somewhat like PS2's Drakkan.

It would be nice explore the world to fight and kill huge monster like that flying lobster/ crawfish/ shrimp thing (that mission was SO random).

Lighting on Lair sucked balls though... wish they fixed it more. Remember the raid mission with all those spotlights? Yeah, but to see the game through the end was pretty worth it.

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theEnemy4621d ago

"<GTA:4 Image here>

Spending a large portion on 2008 sitting in the gutter after its inital release, maybe Rockstar where right in saying they’re confident GTA IV can reach 10 million units. is the Uks biggest online retailer for consumer electronics, and currently today the top two games sellers are Grand Thaft Auto IV for the Xbox 360 and PS3 in first and second respectabley. And the PS3 ‘halo killer’ turned flop Haze sits at 25, putting it ahead of Brain Training, Soul Calibur IV, Tom Clancys EndWar, Call of Duty: WaW on PC, Left 4 Dead PC and Far Cry 2 for the Xbox 360."

There ya have it.

The whole article.


JD_Shadow4621d ago

GTA4 I can understand since some people will want to rebuy it knowing the first of the DLC episodes are FINALLY coming out (or buying it for the first time).

But HAZE?! Am I DREAMING? Didn't people say that that game sucked ass? What am I missing on that one?

YeOldeGamer4621d ago

How about the TRUTH? HAZE only outsold the PC VERSION of COD:WAW...which is sad, considering PC games sell the least of all platforms.

NickIni4621d ago

It's £10. Hell, I might even pick it up for a tenner.