THQ says more de Blob can be expected in the future, happy with sales of original game

Launching an original core IP on the Wii is a bit risky, but it looks like THQ's investment in de Blob is paying off.

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Smacktard3554d ago

HELL YES. de Blob is a GREAT game. I can't wait to play more :D

Voiceofreason3553d ago

But but... Nobody buy Wii games...

Oh well its not like anyone will notice. This article goes against the hate spewed on N4G on a daily basis so it will be ignored and people will continue to say that 3rd party Wii games do not sale.

Even though oddly enough the Wii is the only console I can think of wher new ip's that arent geared to the 14-16 year old crowd actually sell well enough to warrant sequels.

Smacktard3553d ago

Voiceofreason.... I'm sure you hear this all the time, but your name suits you well.

Voiceofreason3553d ago

From everyone but fanboys.. After all they never see reason.. All they see is what they perceive is someone who doesnt worship Sony like they do therefor I must be a fanboy for MS.

Nugan3553d ago


The original de Blob was one of my favorite Wii games of last year.

A few requests for the original:

1) More mission variety.

2) Nix the levels and go with a single open world. (They can still keep the gates from the last game to do this without demanding more than the Wii can handle.)

3) More boss battles like the one with Comrade Black at the end of the first game.