GameSpot: Guitar Hero: Metallica First Look

GameSpot writes: "One of the biggest features from Guitar Hero: World Tour, the music studio, will be available in the Metallica game. A few Metallica-specific guitar sounds have even been added, such as the ESP Truckster guitar tone. All the songs you make in the music studio here will be compatible with those made in World Tour's music studio, and vice versa. That's good news if you've created a discography's worth of Metallica-inspired tunes in the World Tour music studio and would love nothing more than to play them in Metallica's favorite venues using spot-on doppelgangers of the band. You'll have the chance to do that when the game is released this spring".

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ShinMaster3554d ago (Edited 3554d ago )

The news of 2 kick pedals has answered my prayers to finally play metal songs that utilize double bass drumming, the way they should be played.

I've been bugging Harmonix with this subject since the first Rock Band game. But apparently, the folks from Guitar Hero beat them to it.

George Sears3554d ago

I was going to get World Tour but I just know that GH Metallica's instruments will be better or have some few nice additions towards them so I'll wait for this one instead. (Might probably get World Tour without any instruments once I get Metallica though)