New Halo 3: ODST Stills

Gen Digi has posted brand new Halo 3: ODST Stills.

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phosphor1123554d ago

I hate it when game devs do that. They just keep showing prerendered stuff. UGGGGHHH. >=/

gaffyh3554d ago (Edited 3554d ago )

Yeh pre-rendered, the style looks ok, but the main guy looks weird especially in the 4th picture, it's like his head is too small or something

truewittness3554d ago

@ phosphor112 & gaffyh
sorry but i'm not being a fanboy and never will, just being unbias. when bungie shows anything off they have made they never use prerendered pics, they always show everything in realtime.

socomnick3554d ago

yea bungie shows nothing pre-rendered always in game, there are exeptions though the cgi superbowl trailer was cgi but they released a statement before the trailer letting everyone know it was cgi.

Perhaps this is just what halo 3 looks like using the killzone effect ( making everything black and gray to hide flaws).

solidt123554d ago

Know a days I turn my head until I start seeing in game footage. Then I will pay attention. I have hopes that this game will have better graphics than Halo 3 and some new game play innovations.

phosphor1123552d ago

Nooo way dude. They've shown lots of CGI trailers.

Let me refresh your memory

Of course for the first one, you had to be a fool to think that was In-Game. But im just trying to prove a point. Not everything they show is in game.

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Chapulin3555d ago

Hope it's as good as Halo 1.

ambientFLIER3554d ago

You enjoy that blurry 480p with 100 polygons for Master Chief... I'd rather have it be as good as Halo 3.

ambientFLIER3554d ago

The campaign in H3 was better than in H1. In the first game there was a sh[tload of backtracking and it got boring halfway through for me.

the1truelegend3555d ago

It looks great! I'm hoping that it lives up to the hype. I'm glad it's taking a familiar, yet different direction.

RememberThe3573554d ago

I like the art direction, It seems a little darker and more gritty. Not the first thing I think of when I think Halo, but change isn't always bad. I'm looking foreword to this.

Blaze9293554d ago

"I'm hoping that it lives up to the hype"?

hype? what hype? This isnt Killzone 2. We KNOW itll be good.

gaffyh3554d ago

Again some fanboy brings KZ2 into the comments for a completely unrelated topic. Halo 3 was not that good (it was good but not as good as fanboys make it out as), if you think it was the best game ever, you don't know what a good game even is, Halo 1 was better than 2 & 3 combined (not graphically obviously)

Hiruma Youchi3554d ago (Edited 3554d ago )

I never really liked Halo because Im more of a COD / Medal Of honor /Gears /Golden eye type of guy ( I like more realistic shooters). This Time ODST looks more Down to earth to me ... So this might be the 1st halo game i'll try on my own will.

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The story is too old to be commented.