Neocrisis: Atlus USA Hints at a New Shin Megami Tensei Title

Neocrisis writes: "Now if you're an Atlus faithful, meaning you subscribed to Atlus' USA newsletter, then you probably received a strange, yet mysterious e-mail from them today with the picture shown above. The title of the email was "???," and the body only included the picture. What does this mean?"

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Chris3993644d ago

It looks decent actually.

PS2 is growing old with style and sex-appeal, life a MILF (or DILF, whatever is your fancy).

- C

Skerj3644d ago

Yeah I got that email today and that's definitely Raidou's hat.

Vagrant_13644d ago

probably DS 2 like you said. I want a SMT 4 on ps3

socomnick3644d ago

probably going to the 360 , its a better system for rpgs.

Da One3644d ago

You wish......PS2 and the handhelds having been owning in that department

drpepper61213644d ago

I don't really see any SMT game coming out only for the 360, since SMT is big in Japan, I don't think that the 360 has a big enough user base in Japan to make that happen. I can see it coming out for both the ps3 and 360. But only time will tell what will happen.

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VMAN_013644d ago

Funny that you say its the best system for RPG's when almost all of them flop.