8 Ways to Improve Call of Duty

Call of Duty: World at War kicked butt during December, placing three times in the top 20 of the NPD bestseller list with the Xbox 360 version, PlayStation 3 version and Wii version. With Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 already announced, this article takes a look at some things that could be improved in the series.

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chaosatom3557d ago (Edited 3557d ago )

That's why they are in the game. They are frustrating yet satisfying. agree?

I am somehow finding hard to believe that they will make any huge changes, since the game sells so well. That would suck if they started making small changes and repacking the game. But I believe in IW

BooZe3556d ago

Let Infinity Ward raise the bar, and let Treyarch make expansions while we wait for more IW awesomeness.

As long as Treyarch doesnt try to create their own game/engine I think we're cool.

Ethreon3556d ago

I agree with Helghast.
And don't care abt martyrdom, 95% of players use it, including me when playing domination..
And no tanks? We need MORE vehicles and bigger maps to use em at... Tho then it would be Battlefield but I don't mind..

jadenkorri3556d ago

im still playing cod4MW MP, anything that goes back to ww2 is rubbish, its been done, over, and over, and over, and over, and over, and over, and over, ...(10 mins later) and over and over...ok i think you guys got it, but still, its time to goto the Vietnam war or Irak, or make something ingenious up like cod4MW...going back to WW2 is taking a step back in innovation and taking the easy way out...

MAR-TYR-DOM3556d ago (Edited 3556d ago )

I anger A LOT OF PEOPLE! Especially in Hardcore S&D. :)

I AM "NOOB" perk!!!!!

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swiftshot933556d ago (Edited 3556d ago )


Edit: Infinity Ward FTW

^facts people...

socomnick3556d ago

How about removing juggernaut, and last stand too. I hate those 2 perks, plus I hate martyrdom. They could also offer a playlist that has no perks, a perkless playlist.

ambientFLIER3556d ago

I don't see anything wrong with any perks. If they removed all the perks that some people hate, there would be none left at all.

Besides, what's wrong with last stand or juggernaut? If you're playing hardcore, as you should be, juggernaut makes NO difference, and last stand is very tough to use properly.

thor3556d ago

Killzone 2 - Bububu it's not INNOVATIVE!!!
CoD:WaW - It's just like CoD4 but set in the "totally original time period" of WW2 - we love it!
Gears of War 2 - It's just like Gears 1 but better in certain respects - we love it!
CoD:MW2 - It's just like CoD4 with some minor enhancements and a "totally innovative" 1st-person cover system, set in the future - we love it!

micro_invader3556d ago

For the first time, I agree with firstknight. Seriously, what?

We're talking about how the game could be improved, not comparing other games to it.

Bubble down.

Bubble Buddy3556d ago

thor is saying how reviewers all love the COD games and Gears of War 2 even if they don't "innovate". It's like PS3 games always have to innovate to get a good score.

Back on topic: Once you have the knack of always thinking people have martyrdom or last stand, you'll be able to avoid those deaths much much more.

Mutley4163556d ago

What do they Win...How about a SEXY GOLDEN GUN!!! AND HOW ABOUT SOME DECENT WEAPONS TOO!!! COME ON DOWN!!! YOU ARE THE NEXT CONTESTANT IN..."They made that game right!!!"

Sorry I despise the weapons in WaW-

ChampIDC3556d ago (Edited 3556d ago )

The only thing WaW has for me over CoD4 is the fact that you can use an iron sight on a bolt-action rifle. Using an ACOG on a sniper is okay, but nothing beats the iron sights for me. I just enjoy such weapons. Other than that, CoD4 all the way.

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