IGN: Game Scoop Podcast, Episode 106

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Playstation 3 exclusives aren't selling as well as expected. Which explains why nobody is hearting IGN's LittleBigPlanet levels.

Four more Spore titles are coming your way, including an expansion, an adventure game on the Wii, and a kid's version.

Cystal Defenders, the Square Enix cell phone game is coming to all three consoles as a downloadable game.

Plus more news and lots of reader mail!

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BGDad3581d ago

The preview was enough to anger me deeply... Too bad I was then reminded of KILLLLLLLZZZZOOOOOONNNNNNEEE.. .

So frankly doesnt matter what anyone says..

Jager3581d ago

The only way i'd heart one of IGN's levels is if they had a gun to my head... jk ign, lmao.