TGR: Crash Commando Review


"If I have one major complaint about Crash Commando, it is simply that it is yet another shooter in a market already flooded with them. It scores some points for the fact that its 2D view is far different from the typical FPS fair that has come to such prominence in this generation, but at the end of the day, it relies on many of the same conventions, though using them in ways that are far more shallow than many of the feature length games on the market. Gamers who find Crash Commando to be of interest probably already have a worthy shooter on their shelves that does more, better. That doesn't mean it's not fun, but even for just ten dollars, it lacks the kind of depth that a lot of other downloadable games are trying to offer nowadays, and there are probably more than a few gamers who will lose interest after a few days, if not even a few hours."

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Cajun Chicken3554d ago

I disagree, this game is awesome.

However it is a shame of no sign of a split screen mode.