PS3 Firmware 3.0: What would you like to see? : Part 3

Quote from site:

"Wow, over 2,000 votes for our previous poll, thank you everybody for letting us know your thoughts. We conclude this multi-part thread today with one final vote. This vote looks at all other aspects of the PS3 Firmware that you would like improved in no particular order.

After this poll has closed we will forward all of our results to SCEE and let you know what response we get, with these kind of numbers we should at least make an impact and we hope they take notice of the European community".

*When you visit the site press escape on the page for XMB*

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TheHater3554d ago

A lot of people are waiting for the price to go down to $299.

interrergator3553d ago

hardly any things i want to see except for price cut for the 160 gig i wana buy that

Cajun Chicken3553d ago

1. Animated Gif playback
2. Easier way to sort files into albums by selecting 2 or more to name at the same time
3. Cross game chat
4. Custom avatars
5. more music visualisers
6. Short anmated GIFs at background of XMB to replace 'strands' (BathyJ's suggestion)
7. Improved PSP/PS3 features
8. The ability to copy a legal PSone game disc onto your harddrive, whilst checking for legality through PSN (like a authencity key code) to run through the Psone emulator which can then be chosen to transfer to PSP.
9. The ability to have PSEye feed on the background of XMB
10. In system XMB icon and audio changer
11. Ability to change the strings boot up noise to any short sample.

Nagis3553d ago

How does this match with a...price drop? Usually firmware improves the quality of the PS3, not the price. That makes no sense to me.

Am I missing something here?

Nagis3553d ago

This is not about firmware 3.0

Title is misleading.