Gamecyte: PS3 'Photo Gallery' Impressions

Busy as Sony's servers were last night, it took the better part of an hour to download firmware update 2.6 and the "Photo Gallery" application, and another hour to upload multiple gigabytes of pictures through a TVersity streaming media server to a waiting PS3. But with "Photo Gallery," it only took minutes to sort through those multiple gigabytes for every picturesque nature scene I shot in a 2005 trip to Japan, transfer them to an custom album, and set up a professional, interactive slideshow set to the song of my choice.

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bunbun7773607d ago

That even though "last night" is kind of open to different times.... I did download this last night at apx 5 pm Pacific. Took apx 2 minutes. Our connection is decent.

Cajun Chicken3607d ago

No longer do I have to sort all my photos into custom albums by giving each file the same album name. Now if the same could be done with MP3s, I'd be very grateful.