Bungie Weekly Update

This weeks update is basically Frankie frothing about graphics and features that loads of you don't care about. There's plenty of audio stuff in here too, and shock, a new Halo 3 screenshot. Although it's not what you think it is...

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eques judicii4282d ago

i'm getting so excited for halo 3... just got crackdown (awesome game btw) and when i went to the downloads screen there was a link (not activated of course) for the halo 3 multiplayer beta launcher... i literally got a shiver of joy! Anyhow, the description of the graphics reaffirms what i think happened with the pre-alpha shots, they didn't add in a lot of the HDR and post processing effects that will be present in the final version. This means that the E3 target render will probably be what the final build looks like if not better... so excited!

PS360PCROCKS4281d ago

"In campaign, the moving foliage is back in. Big rubbery leaves, little ferns, close ground cover. They all move when you walk through ‘em, and I was surprised to see the plants actually self-shadowing. I had assumed that was a lightmap, but it’s a realtime effect, as far as I can tell. It gives the plants a very compelling, realistic aspect. Especially when I’m lobbing grenades at ‘em to see them move. Or following an AI player around and watching him interact
with them."

::Tear:: ah realism... thank you Bungie, no stupid fake plants that disappear into your torso like in so many other games (GRAW 2)

shotty4281d ago

Hope these features make it into the beta

THAMMER14281d ago (Edited 4281d ago )

The BR is cool but I'm an AR guy. Has any one shot a real Carbon AR-15? It is just as fun as riding a 4 wheeler.

And I hope the mongoose is not a death trap. It will help a lot in CTF on big maps.

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